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The game Fictif: Visual Novels is an adventure with compelling emotional stories. You will make choices for each situation and develop the story according to the end you want

The role of the Fictif game ends up focusing on bringing more brilliance to those stories full of romance, through a simple view, since this sense is stimulated by stories that steal the breath, end up hooking anyone, especially for being convincing. Everything is due to the fact that it has a large collection of stories, from the most romantic ones that steal all the sighs, to enjoy other genres that show all kinds of realities, where different kinds of characters emerge to be connected with them.

How does Fictif entertain?

Each new story or visual element to choose, is the one that ends up being the north of the experience to live, because it can be a long and immense adventure, as well as to be transported from the screen to some that activates the imagination, everything thanks to that each one of these stories ends up catching the one that enjoys them. The intervention or the impact that these stories cause, is to involve at all times the one who enjoys them, reaching a point in which it is possible to find the answers to a murder for example, which induces a high vibration that radiates the emotions that are immersed in the story.

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What does Fictif involve?

Fictif has stories that are part of the collection, they are an individual expression that is catalogued as an extraordinary art, typical of its original inspiration to keep everyone dreaming of their creativity, which are constantly updated to nurture that habit of visualizing great stories. By supplying this library in a great way, without a doubt it ends up becoming an exceptional pleasure for each staff, especially for giving life to different stories that become everyone’s favorite, each one has an important number of followers who are faithful to this art.

The sentiments that Fictif conveys behind its content

You can be transported from one era to another, through these stories, they have no boundaries, much less distinction from reality, you end up catching the reader or viewer so to speak, each story ends up falling in love by itself, each of these oriented to satisfy every type of taste.

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Its creation is part of the authorship of Nix Hydra Games, who are in charge of giving life to these stories, which become a whole graphic expression, to take the stories to a new level, the idea is to put first the interaction with the stories, especially those that have to do with romance. Each person ends up immersing themselves in the characters that inhabit these types of stories, where the originality of each one is a dazzling stamp that becomes more meaningful as they are enjoyed. These works of art are part of an outstanding inspiration that is worth enjoying. The style of the design of these stories, belongs at all times to an artistic intention, where the most important thing is to connect each person with the story under a much more interactive optics.

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