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Weekly Discriber: Which Apps and Technology Were Updated 13 to 19 September, 2020 | IPhone has the latest iOS 14 so Facebook has a Watch Together feature, know the process of updating; Read in a news all updates related to this week’s tech-app

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  • Weekly Discriber: Which Apps And Technology Were Updated 13 To 19 September, 2020

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You like technology, but due to short time you are not able to read the news related to it, then we have brought a Tech Describer for you. In this one news, we will tell you about the new technology launching this week with the updated apps. So let’s start with the weekly Disclaimer …

1. iOS 14 update starts
Apple released its latest iOS 14 at the September 15 event. Now Indian users are getting its update as well. Its update will be found in iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Process to update iOS 14 to phone

  • Back up the iPhone data and charge the phone full.
  • Do not use iPhone during iOS 14 installation. This will keep the download speed fast.
  • If possible, use a WiFi connection to update iOS 14 to the iPhone.
  • Now go to Settings and go to Software Update option and install iOS 14.

2. Facebook Watch Together feature
Facebook has released the Watch Together feature to improve the user experience. With the help of this feature, users using Messenger can watch videos with their friends. This feature also supports all Facebook Watch videos.

Process to use this feature

  • Start a Messenger video call first.
  • Create a messenger room now. For this you have to go to Manu.
  • Now select the option of watch together.
  • Now select the category you want to see the content.

3. TV calling from Google Duo
Google has updated its video calling app Duo, after which users will be able to make video calling from TV with its help. Information about this has been given by issuing a teaser from Google. However, to use this feature, your TV must have a camera. If the TV does not have a camera then only voice calls will be supported. However, TVs that support Android 9 will be able to make video calling with the help of a webcam.

4. Paytm removed from play store, then return
Paytm was filled with ups and downs on Saturday. First Google removed this app from its Play Store. Google said that the Play Store does not allow fantasy cricket, online casinos and other gambling apps in India. If anyone does this, it is a voiding of the policy. Paytm has been taken under this action. However, Paytm returned to the Play Store within four hours. Paytm is one of the big startups in the country. Paytm also has a direct competition from Google’s payment platform Google-Pay.

5. New animated speakers in WhatsApp
The social chatting app WhatsApp has brought new updates once. On the beta version of the app, the company has updated the new sticker pack. This is an animated speaker pack. The new sticker pack has been updated to the latest beta Android version of WhatsApp. This pack has been added to the default sticker list provided in the app. The new sticker pack is named Usagyuuun and is produced by a company called Quan Inc. This is an animated sticker pack.

6. Alexa will now speak in Hindi
Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa can now speak Hindi. The company informed that more than 60 new features have been added to Alexa in the last one year. Alexa can be said to whisper in these features. You can also increase the speed of Alexa’s voice more or less. Health updates to Bollywood mimicry are also part of it. Alexa can now play a song in more than 50 ways. It can also recite poems to you.


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