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Apple said the Epic Games lawsuit was “a project to revive player interest in Fortnite”


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Apple has absolutely no mercy in the legal battle with Epic Games. Upon Epic’s request for a temporary injunction, Apple filed a 37-page anti-identification document in which the words can be said to be extremely racy.

“Epic started the fire on its own and poured gasoline on it, but now it is asking the court to provide emergency assistance to put out the fire. Even if Epic meets the contract specifications that have made both parties happy for many years, the problem can be solved immediately. ” It is written on the identification document. Apple’s position has always been clear, indicating that they only ask for the performance of the contract and are not acting against the competition. Apple claims that Epic is the beneficiary of the cooperation between the two parties and that the 30% commission is relatively small compared to the profits Epic makes.

Rather, Apple said that Epic’s big move was just increasing Fortnite’s visibility. “This lawsuit (and the resulting headlines) appears to be a marketing plan to revive player interest in” Fortnite, “Apple said. Apple also stated that” the only third-party “Fortnite” gamers and developers who are threatened for this lawsuit they are only because Epic sacrificed them for their own benefit. “

Apple also said that player interest in “Fortnite” fell nearly 70% between October 2019 and July 2020.

Although Apple’s words are scathing, at the moment they do not have a significant impact on the lawsuit itself. They only show that Apple clearly has no intention of compromising. The next time Apple and Epic go to court they will have to wait until September 28.

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