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Suzuki, Mahindra & Mahindra, Hyundai, Toyota Sales Data July 2020 | Suzuki returned a good time, selling 31421 units, up 37%; Toyota and Hyundai’s cell falls big

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  • Toyota sold 5386 units in July 2020, while in July 2019 it sold 10423 units.
  • Hyundai sold 41,300 units in July 2020, while in July 2019 it sold 57310 units.

Auto companies have released data on vehicles sold in July. Sales figures of many companies have increased, while the figures of many have gone badly. Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL) registered a record 37% growth in two-wheeler sales. At the same time, Toyota’s sales fell by 48.32%. Let’s take a look at the July sales figures of Suzuki, Toyota, Hyundai, Mahindra & Mahindra.

Suzuki motorcycle figures

Company figures grew by 37% over July 2019

First let’s talk about Suzuki motorcycle figures. The company, which was affected by the Kovid-19, resumed manufacturing on 18 May. The company sold 31,421 units in July and exported 2991 units. The company’s figures increased by 37% as compared to July 2019.

Regarding the sale, Koichiro Hira, managing director of Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt Ltd said that automobile production, distribution and sales have become normal with the unlock. We will try our best to increase our production in the month of August. The company is taking full care of the rules and guidelines set by the government during production.

Mahindra and Mahindra figures

The company sold 25,402 units in July

Talk about Mahindra and Mahindra, then its tractor sales have increased by 27 percent. It sold 25,402 units in July. The company said that it sold 19,992 units during this time last year. That is, he sold 5410 units more. Domestic sales rose 28% to 24,463 units in July this year as compared to 19,174 units in the month a year ago. During this time the company also exported 939 units. This is 15% higher than the previous year.

Hemant Sikka, president of the farm equipment sector at Mahindra & Mahindra, said that we have the highest sales ever in July. Tactor demand still remains.

Hyundai motor india figures

Domestic sales fell 2% to 38,200 units in July

Now, talking about the figures of Hyundai Motor India Limited, the company’s sales fell by 28 per cent in July. The company sold 41,300 units in July, while the company sold 57,310 units in the same month last year. At the same time, domestic sales declined by 2% to 38,200 units in July, compared to 39,010 units in July 2019. Last year, the company had exported 18,300 units in July, which was down 83 percent to 3,100 units this year.

Regarding falling sales, HMIL Director (Sales, Marketing & Service) Tarun Garg said that the company is able to contribute to the economic revival of the country. We are constantly moving towards meeting the needs of customers and meeting market demand.

Toyota motor figures

Sales of the company declined by 48.32 percent to 5,386 units in July.

Finally, Toyota Kirloskar Motor data showed the company’s sales in the domestic market declined by 48.32 percent to 5,386 units in July from 10,423 units in the same month last year. The company’s sales in the domestic market stood at 3,866 units in June.

The company’s senior vice president (sales and service) Naveen Soni said that despite a number of challenges, the company’s retail and wholesale sales in July were better than in June. June was the first month after the unlock. Demand again recovered and retail sales were good. The company had to temporarily close its plant for four days due to the lockdown in Bengaluru last month.


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