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Pai Zaobao: Pixel 4a official presentation launched unexpectedly, iQOO officially released 120W flash charge, and Apple Music caused abnormal power consumption problems etc.

Pixel 4a official rendering is unexpectedly online

On July 13, an official rendering of the Pixel 4a was accidentally released on the page of the Google Store in Canada, which confirmed many design details of the machine, including the opening of the front left camera, the unique rear camera, The fingerprint module and power button design and black and green contrast body. It is worth mentioning that the date on the front rendering is May 12, and this detail also coincides with the original launch time of the Google I / O 2020 conference.source

iQOO officially launched the 120W flash charge

On July 13, iQOO officially launched an ultra-fast flash charging machine that supports up to 120W and is about to go into mass production. Ultra-fast 120W flash charging uses a parallel dual charge pump and serial double cell technology to reduce charge heat and improve charge conversion efficiency. You can charge 50% of the mobile phone in 5 minutes and 100% in 15 minutes. At the same time, iQOO also released and produced 6C batteries in series with a high nominal capacity ratio (C), which may allow the batteries to withstand more current. The charger also supports wide voltage input to ensure final power output.source

Apple confirms that Apple Music causes abnormal power consumption

according to MacRumors reportingSeveral iPhone users reported abnormal power consumption issues that can be caused by Apple Music, covering devices with iOS 13, iOS 14 installed, and Apple Music subscribers and non-subscribers.

12th of July,Forbes report Apple is said to have confirmed the abnormal power consumption issue caused by Apple Music and has begun investigating the solution. Forbes noted that because the issue was not appearing on all iPhone devices under the same conditions, the cause and mode of the issue could not be confirmed at this time, and it was impossible to determine whether Apple would push the system update method or perform directly. a hot update on the server side to solve the problem. .source

The PC version of “Death Stranded” officially unlocked tonight

The PC version of the open-world action-adventure game “Death Stranding” produced by KOJIMA Studio and released by 505 Games will officially unlock at 22:00 today. In the game, the player will play Sam Bridges and gradually rebuild the collapsed world. The first day of the game will include the original soundtrack, The Art of DEATH STRANDING ebook, bone armor accessories, etc.Steam,Epic games Both platforms can be purchased.

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