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I like to use this mobile phone which is the main game, to be the daily main machine: OPPO Ace2 minority experience

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If you watch the League of Legends LPL game, you must be familiar with the OPPO Ace series phones.

When the Reno Ace generation launched last year, just during the S9 World Championship, I bought the starter, but after a few days I changed hands and changed one more 7T. At the time, I wrote a post on Weibo. 7T experience. The reason is that I am not very satisfied with its grip, it is a bit heavy, the workmanship of the material is not delicate enough and the ColorOS 6 system is not strong enough.

After a span of half a year, OPPO released the second-generation Ace, and separated it from the Reno series, called OPPO Ace2.

This time when I started the second generation, I soon fell in love with it.

The good feel of excellent weight management, 40W wireless fast charging, and the ColorOS 7.1 system with greatly improved experience value. These three aspects have become the main reasons why I like Ace2.

The touch of the slim and straight screen machine is really good

185 g weight + straight screen, Not only me, this is also one of the most mentioned advantages when many people evaluate Ace2.

The lighter body is really comfortable in daily use. My pants pocket will hold two mobile phones throughout the year. Ace2 185g weight belongs to the degree that the pants will not drag down and feel heavy in one hand.

I gave a daily scene of myself. I have to walk the dog every day. I must carry the strap with one hand. When I want to take out my phone and use one hand to answer the message with one hand, Ace2 is very easy. In comparison, another 208g mobile phone that I am using at the same time is particularly afraid of falling over with just one phone.

When you are used to thin and light mobile phones, you will feel particularly uncomfortable when you have a heavy mobile phone. Like “difficult from flamboyance to frugality,” the habit of holding a mobile phone also “changes from light to difficult.”

When it comes to the benefits of a straight screen, it is mainly because the curved screen has many disadvantages: accidental touch, reflective, poor display of edge content, these are the problems of curved screen in actual use. What about the benefits of curved screens? It just looks a little high-end, and it feels rounder when you hold it.

But the “high-end look” and “good grip” don’t have to use a curved display to do it, the small 3.5D angle of the Ace2 display, the midframe transition, and the balance of the back cover – all gives this phone a grip Many points Problems with edge touch, reflective and content display effects do not exist on the direct screen.

Some people may like to touch a curved screen, but for me a straight screen is much more comfortable than a curved screen.

However, I don’t know if this is the case for my machine. The edge of my factory Ace2 film is so special that the first week of use is very bad every time the edge slides back, and after a few days of tangling it turns off. After lifting the problem, the problem was completely resolved and the feeling of the sliding edge of the finger was quite smooth.

As many people on the internet complain that the Ace2 middle frame is made of plastic, I think it depends on the preference of different people. Compared to the obvious reflection of some intermediate metal frames, you may prefer matte materials. I have no opinion on the Ace2 core framework. It doesn’t look inferior and feels rough to the touch. I can’t find a slot. . Friends who care about this suggest touching the real machine in the store.

I have used 40W wireless fast charge and have never plugged in the charging cable

The most obvious difference from using OPPO mobile phones is that they charge quickly.

To be honest, I always have a little anxiety disorder. Usually, I sit at the computer and charge my phone when I have nothing to do. Alert sound and pop-up window with less than 20% power is too scary to want to hear it, and I don’t like to carry a (too heavy) mobile power supply with me, so find all the time to charge your mobile phone so that the power is not less than half.

OPPO 65W fast cable charging completely cured my power anxiety. With Ace2, I don’t need to charge my mobile phone before going to bed. It will be enough to recharge it when I wake up the next day. If I rub it a little, the mobile phone should be fully charged before leaving.

For people like me who rarely run out of electricity, the mobile phone will charge when the basic minimum is 20% to 30%, so the 65W fast charge that can be fully charged in half an hour is usually about 15-20 minutes here. There is almost all the power.

In addition to the 65W wired fast charge, OPPO’s 40W wireless fast charge first released on Ace2 is truly deadly. You know, the OnePlus 7T I used only had 30W wired fast charge, Ace2 wireless fast charge is faster than wired directly.

Wireless charging speed was much slower than the previous one, but this time OPPO directly solved the biggest drawback of wireless charging. 40W wireless fast charging can be fully charged in less than an hour, which is too touching .

Although I have to buy another special OPPO wireless fast charging board (more than 200 pieces), but after using it for more than half a month, I can responsibly say that it is worth it.

Since I used this wireless charging pad and 40W wireless fast charging, I have no longer used 65W wired charging. Not once.

Of course, this is related to my fixed working environment. I spend most of the day in front of the computer. I usually put my mobile phone on the charging plate. Recently, I don’t have any special circumstances that require faster charging. 40W Wireless Charging Although the speed is much slower than 65W, but it is completely sufficient for me, the key is convenience.

BTW, the OPPO wireless charging board. Although the area where the phone is placed is limited, the official statement also requires that the volume key be placed at the limit when the phone is placed, but according to my actual use, it generally does not need to be precisely aligned as long as it is not be on the phone If the address is reversed, you can start charging normally when you put it. Usually I put it on my cell phone almost without looking at it, because there will be a quick sound when it starts charging, and I don’t have to worry when I hear the sound.

Some people say that Ace2 has a small battery capacity and a short battery life, which is the case.

On several mobile phones of the same price this year, Ace2’s battery life can only be considered average. But in my opinion, Ace2’s 65W + 40W wireless cable connection is faster than other mobile phone fast charging solutions, which can greatly compensate for this.

For the vast majority of people, there will actually be a lot of rubble to load in a day. Faster wired charging and faster and more convenient wireless charging will make the battery life issue largely unclear.

Of course, the scenarios and usage habits of each person are different. Some people can be charged early in the morning and returned only at night, and even if someone sits in front of the computer all day, there will be a wireless charging pad next to it. Put it on. In the first case, you should really give priority to a mobile phone with a longer battery life. In the latter case, I recommend developing the habit of charging at will.

Personally, I don’t care about the battery life. In the end, I go out all day during the day (about 7 or 8 hours) and there is no place to load. In this case Ace2 is completely sufficient. Most of the time, the charging cable or charging plate is within my reach. As soon as I see half the energy, I will charge it for a while, and then it will be full.

Since I wasn’t concerned about battery life, I also specifically disabled all power saving modes and options on the Ace2 system, and turned on those features that OPPO should disable by default to save power, such as some background apps, clock live screen and wallpaper. Anyway, how to use it coldly, no matter how big the power consumption, anyway, the charging time will last half an hour.

Good system

What made me most interested in Ace2 was the ColorOS 7.1 system.

Before using ColorOS 6 for half a year, it really wasn’t easy to use. The limit is huge and not very beautiful, so after switching to OnePlus 7T, the hydrogen OS with higher degree of freedom made me feel comfortable for a long time.

This time, using Ace2, ColorOS 7.1 has made great progress compared to 6. In some ways, it’s more impressive than a hydrogenated operating system. Let me give some examples.

First off, ColorOS 7.1 is very much in line in terms of overall appearance. Compared to the hydrogen operating system that “repeatedly jumps” between simplicity and simplicity, the current ColorOS system is more pleasing in appearance, with no slot design and style. Very unified Specifically, I really like the icon pack that comes with this system, just change it in settings.

ColorOS 7.1’s dark mode is also good. Unlike the Hydrogen operating system, which is still a theme, there are no customization options at all. ColorOS can be activated automatically at regular intervals, and you can also customize which third-party applications you choose to activate dark. Because the dark interface established by the mobile phone system for third party applications will inevitably have big and small compatibility issues. For example, the Weibo client is very bad after turning on the dark color, and should not turn on.

Second, the ColorOS 7.1 screenshot annotation is better than the previous 6 and the hydrogen operating system. HowBloggerEvery day, I have 20 or 30 Weibo posts. At least half of Weibo posts are published on mobile phones. Many times I have to take screenshots or long screenshots of the area. ColorOS-compliant three-finger long-area pressure screenshots are also very useful, as well as the gesture of opening the floating window screenshot after the screenshot. Furthermore, cropping the top edge area after the screenshot is also simpler and more intuitive than the hydrogen operating system.

Let me talk about a practical function. Due to the epidemic, Shenzhen Metro turned off all NFC cards and entered the station. I could only scan the Shenzhen Tong car code or QR code. Slide out the sidebar, you can directly click the scan code to enter the station, very convenient.

This smart sidebar also supports opening QQ, WeChat in any small interface window and dragging the app icon to directly split the screen, which are functions that will be used daily.

I can give many examples of similar functions and uses of the system. As for these features, they are also available on other systems, or which system to do first is beyond the scope of this article.

Overall, I like Ace2’s ColorOS 7.1 system. I used ColorOS 6 to give me the feeling that this is a system for ordinary users. It is easy to use, but there is almost no room for customization.

Later I used Hydrogen OS. What I like is that it has a high degree of freedom and can be thrown. There will be no problems with Google services and foreign applications, but the disadvantages are like the screen clock, the dark mode, the voice assistant and the screen segmentation. Either there is none, or it is very simple.

This time, using the ColorOS 7.1 system, I think it combines the advantages of the previous ColorOS 6 and the hydrogen operating system, has the ease of use and a certain degree of freedom, and is better than the first two. This is my satisfaction with ColorOS 7.1. The main reason.

Of course, this system is not perfect. For example, there are many adverts promoted one by one; Using foreign apps can encounter some inexplicable problems, like Twitter client always disconnects automatically; The adaptation of the X-axis vibration of the system is not good enough, some gesture operations do not make vibration feedback, I just feel weird when switching from the hydrogen OS. Also, my commonly used Gboard keyboard is not directly adapted to X-axis vibration …

Furthermore, OPPO has been criticized for slow adaptation of the system update, which is also a concern for me. At the Ace2 conference last month, Shen Yiren said the official will increase the frequency of system updates and the speed of adaptation of the new system. Ace2 is not expected to remain in version 7.1 after half a year.

Ace2 may be a “gaming phone” more suitable for most people

Having said so much, I haven’t mentioned the “game” part of the main Ace2 game. Ace2 has many features and optimizations for mobile games, such as 180Hz gaming touch sampling, 4D constant cooling, Hyper Boost 3.0 touch acceleration + frame rate optimization and specially adapted game vibration … These are the most The promotion point hard.

The reason I didn’t speak is because my Weibo focuses on eating chicken (you’re welcome)Come follow), I don’t play other mobile games besides the Genting game, including Peace Elite and King Glory. I have not played with the mobile phone I used before, but I cannot compare it now. Of course, I skipped some games, but besides saying “really smooth”, it’s hard to give more reference value. After all, after all, if you don’t really play it often, you have no voice.

However, regarding the aspect of the Ace2 game, I have something else to talk about:I think Ace2 is a more suitable “gaming phone” for most people.

That is, whenever you want to play a little more on your phone, with a budget of around 4000, Ace2 is worth considering. why?

Ace2’s idea is not the same as the gaming phone on the market. Ace2 is completely suitable for use as a normal daily main machine. I used Ace2 like this in the last month, and it’s not a problem. Because just looking at the phone itself, I don’t think it’s related to the game.

The main reason I haven’t thought about starting with other gaming phones is that for non-heavy casual gamers like me, I don’t have the motivation to buy a phone that’s particularly good for gaming. Even if I buy it, it is very likely that that phone will deposit dust.

I sincerely hope that my mobile phone can be used as the main machine in daily life enough, but also have a good experience when you need to play.

At the same time, I don’t want my phone to be compromised or to have an additional design for gameplay in terms of looks and feel. Because the mobile phone is not like a computer, it is used in the body for a long time every day, and there are too many scenes of mobile phone use in daily life that have nothing to do with the game.

Of course, I’m not saying that the address of other gaming phones is wrong.

This is just like the PC has common player products outside the PC, there are also very professional products for older gamers or professional gamers, the game phone should also have a different position, just that, the need for more professional, more emphasis on the game phone People are always a minority.

Since @ Secure eyebrows It can be seen in a previous Weibo that the positioning of the Ace series is like this:

The positioning of the Ace series “the main machine with the best gaming experience” really impressed me.

In my opinion, Ace2 will not be a gaming phone you want to buy specialized or heavy games, but it will be a phone that will allow you to use it daily + play games at the same time.

Severe mobile game players may not be able to see it (it may also be possible, after all, promotion is a machine for the peace elite PEL professional league), Ace2’s positioning may be more suitable for casual gamers of mobile games like me.

When you are not playing, you will feel no discomfort or inconvenience in the daily use of this mobile phone in terms of weight, appearance and system. When playing, it may not be as good as other specially designed mobile phones (such as it does not have shoulder keys), but if you are not a serious mobile game player, isn’t that unacceptable?

So I said that Ace2 may be more suitable for most people than other gaming phones.

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