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Submit Feedback | 12 apps worth checking out recently

Hello everyone, we have compiled 12 applications that are worth paying attention to recently. Come see if there is any product that interests you.


Highlights: beautiful and easy to use PDF annotation tools

@ 化学 心情 下 2:Recently, many students have online classes at home. In addition to watching video learning materials, text learning materials are also primarily PDF based. Books have changed from original paper objects to digital documents. Commenting in PDF has become a lot of people. Demand

Highlights is a very useful PDF note and note taking tool, especially on iPad, you can use Apple Pencil to achieve color marking similar effect on paper books as well as learning experience on paper books.

Highlights opens PDF documents very fast, and you rarely encounter stuttering or incomplete viewing when reading; Secondly, as a markup tool, you can use Apple Pencil to select text, and then you can mark it in the Processing shortcut tool, such as underline to highlight content, add content annotations, etc. Highlights offers three modes for viewing content: for example, you can display only PDF content in portrait mode, or you can display PDF on the left and landscape related notes on the right.

Based on comments, Highlights supports exporting comment information to other formats. The free version can be exported to PDF. If you buy the Pro version, you can export to HTML or Markdown format files. For users who need to organize comments through other note-taking tools, Highlights also supports Notes are imported directly to third-party platforms such as Ulysses, Bear, or Evernote. Of course, this feature also requires the purchase of the Pro version.

Overall, Highlights has a great iPad experience. For many people, most of the features of the free version are completely sufficient, and there are no ads or usage time limits. If you have more features to read and annotate PDF On demand, the paid version of Hilights can also meet your various needs in most scenarios.

Highlights provides versions of iOS, iPadOS and macOS, you can App Store Download, you can use the advanced features on each platform with a purchase, the price is 22 yuan / month, 183 yuan / year.

Charty: let shortcut commands support chart display

@huhuhang:Charty is an application that supports the creation of visual charts through direct access commands. Currently, it provides 5 graphic styles and 11 shortcut commands. After installing Charty, you can add the corresponding drawing steps using shortcut commands. The best way to get started with Charty is not to start from scratch, but to mimic the example shortcut instructions provided by the developer. From the Examples menu in the upper left corner of the app, the developer provides dozens of example shortcut commands in 7 categories, and you can view, install, and modify them.

Taking the simplest line chart as an example, you should use the New Chart and Add Series to Chart operations provided by Charty. Among them, New Chart is responsible for initializing the new line drawing board, including the title and image ID. Add Series To Chart is responsible for adding data to the chart. The line graph requires the x and y coordinate data.

In addition, Charty also provides a number of more complex examples. For example: you can complete the drawing of the function image through the mathematical calculation provided by the shortcut command itself; You can read the health data and define your own display program other than the health app; You can even read the local CSV data file to complete the display.

Charty is currently available for free and can use almost all features; If you need more powerful custom styles, like exporting the generated graphics as images, so you can see them through the notification center without having to open the app, you can also pay 18 Unlock in-app purchases in one go. Charty makes up for the shortcomings of data access support for shortcut commands, and is one of the must-have apps for fans of shortcut commands.

You can App Store Charty Download

Japanese province: good habits do it, bad habits eliminate it

@Snow:At home, during the epidemic, body weight skyrocketed, and this summer it came early. The sudden “pain and sadness” felt that the whole person was bad. However, I feel like I can “rescue myself” a bit. From now on, I urge myself to exercise every day, and my little belly still has a chance to run away. In the past, most habit development apps only focused on cultivating good habits, but like so-called “stretch your legs and control your mouth”, controlling bad habits is also very important. “Japan” can easily meet the needs of both sides.

As with similar apps, click “+” in the upper right corner to start setting habit goals, but Japanese and provincial habits fall into two categories, one is good for you and the other is not useful. For the record of the habit, you can count it as “Yes / No” in general, or you can count it in detail, as if beneficial physical exercise exceeds 30 minutes, if useless smoking is less than 3 times, etc., for Fully satisfy custom needs. To meet the objectives of diversified habits, the application has incorporated more than 300 icons and 12 color marks, which can be better distinguished. A

Japanese provinces can set global reminders or specific reminders for a single goal. Each item in the Japanese province supports setting a separate “Focus Day” and reminder time, and supports multiple reminders in one day. For a goal like “eight glasses of water a day,” each glass of water can be remembered independently. I’m not afraid you have edema at night.

The Japanese app offers free download and includes an in-app purchase of 18 yuan. The free version supports up to 3 custom lenses. After paying, you can create unlimited goals. You can App Store Download Japanese province.


Home: “Live Wallpaper” application that turns silence into movement

@ ln- 勇 字 头头:Some time ago, with the official launch of MIUI 12, its built-in super wallpaper really made a lot of money. Like the facade of a mobile phone, the wallpaper is undoubtedly worthy of serious treatment and careful selection. The Metropolis and Diffuse introduced by the minority in the past are also live wallpaper apps with amazing effects. Although the most suitable wallpaper is always that of someone else’s phone, the wallpapers are always being selected and changed. Cover presented today is also a live wallpaper app, and compared to other wallpapers, Cover pays more attention to “turning silence into movement”.

By analyzing user-uploaded photos, Cover can transform static images into dynamic shapes. After setting the wallpaper, with phone shake or page turning, the original static wallpaper will also show dynamic effects like zoom and motion.  

Also, Cover itself has dynamic 3D wallpapers built into various styles. Even if we can’t debug the custom images with a satisfying dynamic effect, we can use it from the app’s built-in gallery, or refer to the style of the built-in wallpaper. Settings  

You can Play store Please download and use the cover, custom wallpaper function must be purchased internally.

Bing Wallpapers – Featured Microsoft Wallpapers

Noah_Choi:As we all know, in addition to being the best developer of friends, Microsoft is also a photo maker.And in my spare time, I made an operating system and a search engine,Windows 10 “Focus” and Bing search “Daily Image” will take full advantage of this advantage. In addition to displaying images, it will also give you some popular insights into animals, geography, starry sky, and culture.

Because the quality of the background images searched for by Bing is very high, many users expect to bring these wallpapers to the desktops of their devices, so Microsoft answered the user’s call and launched the official wallpaper client. Windows platform screen, then hit the iron while hot and put Android on Google Play The platform’s official wallpaper client, “Bing Wallpapers”, has confirmed the name of the best Android developer.

Bing Wallpapers divides the image display into three tabs: Daily Image will synchronously update the image with Bing search home page every day, swipe up and down to change historical image, click image to expand image history, click history to jump to Bing to display related search content; Gallery A selection of all historical images and story introductions on the Bing search home page, you can filter the images by category, color and region at the top (the first animal classification is my pet); Solid Color, as the name implies, only has a few built-in solid colors Solo (can be used to detect dead pixels on screen).

If you are not satisfied with the prepared image library, you can also use Bing’s “side line” to find other images. Bing Wallpapers is not satisfied with this, as long as it is set up as a live wallpaper service, you can even turn your phone into a “Bing House” – there are new wallpapers every day. Now you can Google play Download Bing Wallpapers free


Reader Mode: Supports highly customized “reading mode” plugins

@Tp:Turning on “reading mode” in the browser to improve the reading experience has become a habit for many people when browsing the web, but the effect of the default reading mode is sometimes not satisfactory. If you are concerned about poor reading mode, the browser you are using is Chrome, you can try the Reader Mode plugin, I think it supports high degree of customization which can bring you better reading experience.

The highlight of Reader mode is that it supports fairly comprehensive custom settings for reading mode, from regular settings like font size and line height to advanced settings like automatic input into reading mode and custom CSS. It can be said that as long as you are comfortable with the page layout, Reader Mode can help you do just that.

In Reader mode, you can also click the trash can icon in the upper right corner to manually hide unwanted page elements. If it is a common item, such as an image, you can close it directly in the “Reader Components” set. It is worth mentioning that the Reader Mode support for barrier-free operation is excellent. The plugin not only provides a reading rule for dyslexic users to improve reading fluency, but also supports the TTS text-to-speech feature, which can directly read the article to you.

The free mode of the reader mode can only say “enough”, if you want to have richer configuration options, you must pay to unlock the Pro or Premium version. Currently, the Pro version is a purchase system priced at $ 15, which can unlock most of the custom features. If you want to unlock features like cloud storage, you can subscribe to the Premium version at a price of $ 4.99 / month.

After purchasing the premium version, you can not only unlock more settings options including custom page themes, hidden footers etc. You can even use Reader Mode to quickly translate, search for selected content, or highlight and comment on it, so that “Reading Mode” is not only readable, but also used for learning and commenting.

You can Official Web site Learn more about Reader Mode or visit Chrome Web Store Come and get free Reader Mode.

Edison Mail: old mail client logs in to macOS

@huhuhang:Edison Mail is a free email client that currently supports Android, iOS and macOS platforms. In terms of basic features, Edison Mail is not much different from other email clients, only a few details of the experience have been improved.

For example, Edison Mail can identify flight itinerary information, product price information and package shipping information by mail, and provide corresponding destination weather, package tracking, price reduction tips of the product, etc. However, these functions are not likely to be used normally in China, because we often do not use some internet services abroad.

Edison’s core business is doing research on the e-commerce industry, so launching an email client can expect to win some users in the business arena. In my own email app, I don’t think there is much of an advantage. Today, there are also many free cross-platform email clients. Well done Spark isNewton Mail Etc. If you are interested in experiencing this new application, you can go to Official download from the website.

Inkscape – Free and Open Source Windows Vector Graphics Tool

@ 化学 心情 下 2:Among the vector graphic design programs, Adobe Illustrator is probably the best known to us, it is powerful, complete and easy to use, and it is also the tool of choice for most professional designers. Of course, there is actually relatively comprehensive and professional open source software in vector graphics design tools. For example, this 17-year-old development has only officially released version 1.0 of Inkscape in the near future.

Although Inkscape’s reputation may be much less than Adobe Illustrator in the field of professional design, as a quasi-professional or one of the few vector design tools in the open source field, it can in fact be “superseded” to some extent. Based on its most comprehensive tools: object creation, object simulation interaction, fill strokes, path operations, etc. For users who have used other graphic design and production software, Inkscape supports the import of common file formats such as SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, PS, PNG, etc., so compatibility and versatility remain. Pretty good.

As “slowly” evolving vector design software, Inkscape version 1.0 is clearly an important milestone. It is easier to use on Linux and Windows, and can be seamlessly integrated with the system environment on macOS; The redesigned toolbox improves the characteristics of the real-time route effect, which performs well in editing a large number of nodes, processing groups, etc. Significant improvements, the pencil tool improvement is also quite big, for example PowerPencil can draw a fixed width route without pressure and also add new route effects like Offset, PowerClip, PowerMask LPE etc. for artistic creation.

For users creating technical drawings, you can now create repeating guides, align the page with the grid, the measurement tool has a path length indicator and an inverted Y axis. Also, add clickable metadata and links when exporting PDF, support variable fonts when processing text, and optimize line height settings.

You can Official Web site Download Inkspace free.

Flash App

  • Outlook (iOS): Add ignore conversation function, you can choose to ignore related messages and put them directly on deleted messages.
  • Microsoft to do (iOS / / Android / / Windows 10): New smart lists “All” and “Completed”, and the way to add new tasks has been adjusted. The “Today”, “Tomorrow” and “Week” views have been added to the list of plans in the Android version.
  • Day oneiOS): Added support for the touchpad function in the latest iPad OS 13.4, compatible with the navigation operations and gestures of the touchpad; A new daily view function, the daily reminder function now includes other information content.
  • Google authenticator (Android): Supports data transfer between 2 devices.

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