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Intel officially completes acquisition of Moovit

Moovit application
Intel officially announced the completion of the acquisition of Moovit, a travel app, similar to previous news, involving a total of $ 900 million. Moovit was launched in Israel in 2012 and has provided travel consulting services in more than 3,000 cities in 102 countries. Moovit is characterized by providing real-time travel planning services through artificial intelligence and big data analysis. This ability is believed to be of great help in the development of autonomous cars.

After being acquired by Intel, the Moovit brand will maintain its operations as an independent subsidiary, and cooperation between parties such as Waze and Uber will continue. However, Moovit will help the Mobileye team, also in Israel. Its autonomous driving system has been tested on 300 cars from 25 car factories, and it also has cooperation with VW and mainland China. Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua Express, Moovit is a brand trusted by millions of people around the world, and believes that its ability to finance can help accelerate the transition to the future mode of transportation.

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