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Xbox Game Pass already has 10 million subscribers

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The Xbox Game Pass, officially launched in June 2017, has reached a new milestone. Last night, Microsoft officially announced that the paid service, which is the main selling point for “unlimited play,” has been rolled out in 41 different markets.More than 10 million subscribers.. In particular, the past two months of the spread of the New Crown epidemic have allowed Microsoft “to see the importance of gaming for a large group of gamers.” According to figures on Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s official blog, since March, Xbox Game Pass subscribers have cumulatively added more than 23 million Xbox Live friends, an increase of 70% compared to the previous period. At the same time, the playing time of XGP subscribers has doubled, and the duration of multiplayer games has increased by up to 130%.

In addition, the existence of the Xbox Game Pass also helps players “discover games that have never been touched before.” According to Microsoft, after joining XGP, the content of the games players play has expanded by 40%, and 90% of subscribers have also tried the types of games they wouldn’t have contacted before. Later this year, Project xCloud will also be joining XGP. With the blessing of streaming games, the content that subscribers can enjoy is more abundant (in contrast, Sony PlayStation Now has more restrictions).

Speaking of xCloud, Microsoft revealed that this service, which is still in preview, has attracted “tens of thousands of active users” in 7 countries. At the same time, Xbox Live Gold’s monthly active players have also reached 90 million people.

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