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A Brief Review of Shure’s New Aonic In-Ear Headphone Series

In addition to the sustainable SE215, Shure has released several in-ear headphones in its product line for a while as they also intend to join the consumer market for freshness, of course they can’t just rely on Aonic 215. They are needed naturally different types of headphone models. Therefore, Shure announced the official launch of Aonic 3, Aonic 4, Aonic 5, a simple and clear naming system, each corresponding to the new low, medium and high-end in-ear headphones. Most importantly, they didn’t plan on passing the name just to change the name. All three headphones have been recently designed for ordinary consumers. The editor here also briefly reviews the sound of each model so everyone can. There’s a little more concept.

The first is the entry-level Aonic 3, which uses a minimalist long pill design, and even becomes the smallest of the Shure headphones. The Aonic 3 uses a single-acting iron sound unit, which provides a natural, dull sound. The sound is wide and not careless. It is the opposite of SE215’s sense of listening.

Upstairs is the Aonic 4, which is Shure’s first hybrid iron-ring hearing aid. The shape returns to the common design of inverted headphones. However, half of the case will be transparent to show people, so that users can see inside. With the addition of a moving iron unit, the sound of Aonic 4 suddenly became rich, the low frequency was quite powerful, and the sense of music was rich, but at the same time, the human voice was also clear and prominent. , and the general feeling of wrapping.

The most advanced model this time is Aonic 5, which Shure says is based on active duty. SE535 The three-action iron headphones that were born out of the model but introduced the flagship SE846 replacement catheter design, allowing users to choose whether they want natural, warm or clear sound. The publisher first heard the preset natural catheter. The biggest feeling was the signature level, and then the vivid, flexible low frequency that the dual low-frequency unit brought in, while the standalone high-frequency unit was also clear.

Overall, all three headphones are well-suited for general music listening, and this time Shure also directly used the short line cable control with the music play button, which is no longer the SE series long headphone line. . Aonic headphones use MMCX plugs on all lines, and of course they can be switched to other cables, including true wireless headphone modules. Aonic 3, 4 and 5 have been listed in Hong Kong, prices are HK $ 1,868, HK $ 2,798 and HK $ 4,748. Those interested can also go to the headphone store to hear it first.

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