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Netflix subscriber numbers have increased significantly due to the new crown epidemic.

'Money Heist' fourth season
Although many industries have been seriously affected by the new corona epidemic, many products and services can be found in the domestic market, but they have grown against the market, one of them is Netflix. Just launched Financial report for the first quarter of 2020Among them, the number of users in a single season has increased to 16 million, double the expected 7 million! However, they also rationally stated that after such a rapid increase, the growth rate for the rest of the year will decrease accordingly.

After a large number of new users, they also use new methods to calculate the number of video views. The hot topic “Tiger King: Murder, Chaos and Madness” has 64 million views in the first four weeks off the shelf, the new season The “Black Money Resort / Ozark”, “Paper House / Money Heist” and “Spenser Confidential” They have 29 million, 65 million, and 85 million eye-catching numbers, respectively.

For Netflix’s previous practice of reducing image quality in response to European Union requirements, they also took advantage of this financial report that they will cancel the measures as soon as possible, as evidenced by their own Open Connect technologyIt is useful

Regarding the changed operating model of the new corona epidemic, Netflix revealed that they have maintained customer service support operations by keeping employees working at home, while adding 2,000 employees working remotely. Netflix confirmed the establishment of the $ 100 million relief fund due to the shooting that was suspended due to the impact of the epidemic, and also said it had paid 7 weeks of wages to affected employees.

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