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Feed Pub-An RSS reader that is so simple that it only provides headlines

Feeds Pub is an online RSS reader with a concise and refreshing interface that only provides headline aggregation, reading will jump to the source web page and also has simple social attributes, which can be seen by feed subscribers and subscribers. Feeding. @Appinn

Pub-an RSS reader feeds that is minimalist enough to provide headlines only 1

FromDiscovery Channel:

In addition to the regular RSS aggregation function, Pub Feeds Added some social attributes

Feeds Pub uses current web technology, has a simple interface, friendly access for mobile phones, PWA support can be installed directly on the computer or mobile phone.

It has been a long time since I saw such a concise RSS reader, and unlike traditional readers that can be read directly, all content will go back to the source website.

Feeds Pub can add stars to the content you like, and then it will be recorded on the personal page, which is convenient for later organization and reading.

Please note that at Feeds Pub, all of your operations are public, including:

  • What do you subscribe to
  • Your featured content
  • Your subscription schedule
  • Your own feeds
Pub Feeds-An RSS reader that is so simple that it only provides headlines 2

However, Green Frog has an experience: In general, students who like to read like to share.

Interested students, welcome to Feeds Hub Follow niche software and other content.

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