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New You Pai | 4 new games worth playing this week during eShop Spring Special

Hello everyone! This week we have selected 4 new games worth playing from various platforms for you, and we have also compiled 9 discounts for Switch games worth watching this week.

Another way

Mobile platform / racing / china

The storm is coming and you have to drive to escape. In “Another Road”, you will experience a road trip away from the storm alone. The game will automatically generate paths through algorithms. Each time you travel, you will have different experiences. There will be many obstacles along the way that will hinder your progress. You must learn to avoid them flexibly.

Another Road is closer to reality in the driving experience. For example, after releasing the accelerator, the vehicle will continue to advance under the effect of inertia, even if it is a sudden brake, the vehicle will continue to advance a short distance before it can stop. Not only that, the game also added vehicle fuel and durability settings, driving will consume gasoline, and accidents will deduct durability, if you have a serious accident the vehicle will explode directly.

Although the fuel and durability settings seem to increase the game’s difficulty, as long as you drive carefully, you don’t have to worry about that. Along the way, in addition to all kinds of weird obstacles, you can also collect fuel tanks, repair tools and gold coins. The first two can be used to restore value, and gold coins can be refilled at the service station or a new car can be purchased in the rest area.

Another Road has a total of 12 cars to choose from, from small cars to large forklifts and even tanks. Each level 5 upgrade will unlock a new vehicle, but these vehicles require you to purchase the gold coins you saved during the journey, and the driving experience of different vehicles will be different.

Although in the game settings, the player started the journey to avoid the storm. But in the real game, the storm is not as fast as expected, so you don’t need to hit the gas to accelerate. Only by steadily driving can you go further.

You can App Store Purchase “Another way”, priced at 12 yuan, the game supports Chinese.

If you’re only 30 years old

Mobile platform, PC / text adventure / Chinese

If you were only 30 years old, what would you do? In “If you are only thirty years old”, the player will play a carrier of the VFG-2 virus and will die at age 30. You will follow the protagonist to experience the last ten years of life, experience love on campus, give up and then decide to spend the last ten years of life.

This game was developed by the producer of “If You Can Go Home Earlier” and continues the pixel style of the previous game on the screen. Also, many little eggs are inserted into the game details as in the previous game. For example, when you’re addicted to home games, the monthly news is full of fun eggs.

The game is focused on storytelling, and players will experience their life from the protagonist’s perspective. Many different small games will be interspersed, for example, when the protagonist is first diagnosed, it is a card based game. You need to balance psychological values; When the protagonist is playing games at home, you can play directly In a game These minigames increase the gameplay of this story game, and the configuration of the minigames is very close to the plot, it is not discreet.

If you have played the previous game “Ruzao” then the design of this game will make you feel familiar. In the first stage of the game, there will be a lot of happy and sweet content, and in the middle and late stages, the game will fade this layer of ice, showing the Bad End that is already destined. Of course, the game is not just about telling a tragic story, but letting players think about aging and death through this story. In facing these inevitable bad ends, what kind of mindset should we face?

You can App Store(¥ 12),Tap Tap(Online discount ¥ 8) or Steam(Not yet online) If you buy “If you are only thirty”, the game flow is not long, 2 or 3 hours is enough to get through customs and support the Chinese.


Mobile Platform / Puzzle / English

“Via” is a casual puzzle game where players must let the white square reach the end point after collecting three diamonds. At the same time, the lines you plan for the block cannot cross. The game refers to each level as a “journey”. Whenever you complete a level, you can unlock a low poly paint, symbolizing that you have completed this journey.

In the game, the white square can walk in a straight line in the horizontal and vertical directions. You just need to click a certain position to make it move. It will leave a moving track on the ground to remind you that tracks cannot cross. In some levels, in addition to the basic objective of collecting three diamonds, you must also activate the organ to start the endpoint, otherwise you will not be able to erase the level even if you collect three diamonds.

There will be a gray logo on the organ block and a white bar on the edge of the block. To activate the organ, you must pass the square from the position near the white horizontal bar. This means that you must re-plan your route to activate the organ and collect diamonds at the same time.

However, the overall difficulty of the game is not high. After mastering the game, you can basically complete each level with relative ease. So I personally think this game is more suitable for free time. The game itself has more levels and the price is not expensive. The free version can experience the first 30 levels, and the later levels require 3 yuan to buy the full version to unlock.

You can App Store Download “Vía” free. The game includes an in-app purchase of the full version for 3 yuan.

Scrappers (Apple Arcade)

Mobile Platform / Action / Chinese

“Scrappers” is an action game, but it should be said more precisely that it is a “garbage collector” game. Unlike “picking up trash” in the form of collecting materials, “Scrappers” actually requires you to pick up trash to change money. The game unfolds in the future. After humans perish, robots rule the world, and time becomes a precious resource. Therefore, the garbage is flooded in disasters, and players will act as city cleaners, recycling garbage to get money.

However, the benefit of garbage collection is not low, and your opposing team is also coveting garbage, they will come out to attack you and interfere with you when you collect garbage. Two fists are difficult to beat four hands, so you must also form your own team to achieve a reasonable division of labor to maximize profits. “Scrappers” is a game that is very suitable to greet friends to join the “garbage army”.

The game supports up to 4 people online, each player can only carry 3 trash at the same time under normal circumstances, but if he “passes” to his teammates, he can let teammates carry more garbage. Carrying too much trash will lead to slow movement, and the trash is too high and it is easy to lose your balance. Therefore, other members must find ways to protect carriers. Of course, if you are an individual player, you can also use the “pass” technique to quickly put the garbage in the garbage truck.

As a robot, you can overclock when necessary. After overclocking, your speed and strength will increase, and you will be able to transport more trash. The money you earn from recycling trash can be used to assemble or customize your garbage truck.

During battle, the game will use the vibration of the mobile phone to achieve the response to the blow, which greatly improves the feeling of the blow. Of course, you can also use the handle for a more comfortable gaming experience. Furthermore, dynamic music also adds a lot to the game.

You can Apple arcade Download “Scrappers”, the game supports Chinese.

These Switch games are for sale

  • “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, Chinese throughout the region, -30%, lowest price is about 290 yuan (Europe and South Africa)
  • “Full Dance 2020”, Chinese throughout the region, -50%, minimum 120 yuan (US, Europe, Mexico, South Africa)
  • “Taiko Daren”, Chinese in Minato / Japan, -60%, minimum 140 RMB (USA, Europe, Mexico, South Africa)
  • “Diablo 3: Eternal War Edition”, Chinese throughout the region, -49%, minimum about 160 yuan (United States, Europe, Mexico, South Africa)
  • “Mario Crazy Rabbit: Battle of the Kingdom”, Chinese in the region, -75%, minimum 55 yuan (United States, Europe, Mexico, South Africa)
  • “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3”, Chinese throughout the region, -50%, minimum 55 yuan (US, Europe, Mexico, South Africa)
  • “Alien Chain”, Chinese throughout the region, -33%, minimum about 240 yuan (Europe and South Africa)
  • “Double Point Hospital”, Chinese throughout the region, -25%, minimum around 100 yuan (United States, Europe, Mexico, South Africa)
  • “God Realm: The Original Sin 2 Decision Edition”, European / American Chinese, -30%, minimum 220 yuan (US, US, Mexico, South Africa)

It may interest you

Nintendo Switch version 10.0.0 update, add custom key function

On April 14, Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch version 10.0.0 update, which mainly added two main functions of “moving data between host / SD card” and “changing the handling button assignment”. The movement of data between the host / SD card may be primarily aimed at the digital version of the game. You can move the downloaded game between the internal fuselage storage and the SD card (excluding the saved game).

Changing the buttons on the handle allows the player to customize the function of each button, such as changing ↑ to ↓, X to Y, and can save up to 5 different settings.

Also, the update includes the addition of 6 “collections!” Avatar “Animal Forest Friends”, game news, bookmark function, etc.

Nintendo Switch to resume shipping to Japan this week

On April 14, Nintendo Japan announced that Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite machines that had been temporarily suspended will resume normal shipments in Japan this week. At the same time, the Animal Friends Association limited edition Nintendo Switch is expected to ship in late April. On the 7th of this month, due to the impact of the epidemic, Nintendo Japan announced that it will suspend shipments of Nintendo Switch consoles in Japan.

National Bank Switch Launches Two Sets of Physical Cassettes Today

Today, Tencent NintendoSwitch official Weibo announced that the physical cassette version of Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition is now officially available for sale at a retail price of $ 299. Players can purchase it through official online channels and authorized offline stores.

Sony sends “Uncharted Sea: Nathan Drake Collection” and “Wind Journey” to all PS4 users

According to Sony Play Station Official blog The published news confirmed that the company plans to ship various games to players in the coming weeks to help players isolate themselves at home. The first four games “Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection” (including “Uncharted”, “Uncharted 2” and “Uncharted 3”) and “The Journey of the Wind” will begin on April 15 Free downloads are available during May 5 (except for the German and central districts). And users from Germany and China can get “Nark’s Great Adventure-Shuangying and Ancient Brigade” and “Traveler”.

(This “New Tour School” number was written by @Tp, @ 一个 索 狗).

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