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Why is the Switch account banned? How to buy a digital version of the game safely and in a minority

Earlier this month, many Nintendo Switch players online reported that their accounts were purchasing “Collection” from Taobao or Xianyu. After the digital version of the game “Animal Friends”, problems such as normal access to Nintendo eshop and the inability to update the game appeared, which is called “account ban”.

Why is my account / host banned?

All along, Nintendo has imposed very severe penalties on users who violate the usage agreement. The most common way is to restrict the account connection (ban the account) or the host connection (ban the machine). The first will restrict users to use specific Nintendo account accounts to access eshop, download or update games, use online services, etc .; The latter is more serious and users will not be able to use any account on this Nintendo Switch host to connect.

In both states, the host can normally connect to WiFi, but when accessing eshop, online, or updating games, an error message similar to 2124-4007, 2124-4508 will appear. Please note that once the account / host is banned, you will not be able to return to normal by restoring the factory settings.

Based on the current experience of Internet users, the following two behaviors are easy to make the account and the host be prohibited:

  1. Use the Nintendo Switch console to play online games, visit eshop, download or update games;
  2. The payment method used to purchase the digital version of the game is problematic, such as credit card fraud, the use of illegally obtained credit cards (also known as “black cards”), malicious refunds after multiple purchases, and use virtual transaction gaps;

Both methods are relatively easy to understand, but some players said they had neither. I just bought the game redemption code and gift card on Taobao / Xianyu, or I just let the merchant buy it for me. Cargo, why are my account and host banned?

How to buy Switch digital game safely?

Regarding the purchase method of the Switch game, the minority has previously submitted an article. Here we mainly discuss the payment security of buying digital games.

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Many merchants currently sell digital versions of Switch games and gift cards on Taobao / Xianyu and other channels. The reason your account or host is banned after purchasing the game redemption code / gift card / purchase / replacement charge is because the main reason is that the merchant who provided you with the digital version of the game did not pay properly.

When Nintendo tracks illegal payment behavior (such as loss of stolen owner), it will deal with the associated account that uses this payment behavior: some players will receive a warning email and confiscate relevant digital content; Players will be punished by account / host ban.

Additionally, Nintendo adopts a “seated seat” -like system for members of the family group Nintendo Switch Online (NSO). Now on Weibo, you can often view information on group purchases by OSN members, and there are merchants on Taobao selling seats for domestic groups. This aspect violates the Nintendo User Agreement, on the other hand, it will also lead to account security issues. When the account of a family group member is prohibited, all members of the entire family group will face the same risk of punishment.

Therefore, buying the digital Switch version of the game safely is the most effective way to avoid the account ban. The following are the recommended purchase methods:

Use Alipay to shop in Minato eshop

Many students choose to go to Taobao to buy Switch games because they don’t have dual currency credit cards. But in fact, eshop in the port area supports payments via Alipay, but is currently limited to the web side. You can go to the Nintendo online store in Hong Kong on your computer, log in to your Nintendo account in the port area, and then choose to use Alipay when purchasing the game.

The game will be sent to your registered email in the form of a redemption code, or you can also find it in the records purchased on the website, and then redeem and download it in the Switch virtual store. This method can guarantee absolute security. Of course, the price in the port area is not the lowest and the discounts are relatively small, but for people who don’t have an international credit card, it’s still the most recommended Switch digital game purchase. Way.

More information: Hong Kong Service Electronic Store User Guide: “Needs” for Every Chinese Switch Player

Use national PayPal to buy at a Japanese store

In addition to using Alipay in Minato, another way to buy games without a credit card is to use national PayPal in Japan. Based on the current test, eshop in Japan accepts domestic PayPal as a payment method, so you only need to link a bank card in PayPal and then choose to add PayPal when buying eshop games in Japan.

There are many games in the day area, and some games are not available in other regions, and promotional activities are relatively frequent. The only thing to note is that some games don’t offer Chinese in the Japanese area (like Monster Hunter XX), you should pay attention to check the language support of the game before buying.

In addition, in theory, the international version of PayPal can also be used for payment. However, due to the need to provide local contact information during registration, there are certain thresholds for most common users, and I will not introduce them here.

Buy in eshop with international credit card

If you have an international credit card, buying Switch games will be much easier. Currently, eshop in most European countries also supports national VISA and MasterCard credit cards for payment. However, some low cost areas (such as Norway, South Africa, etc.) will have some restrictions on the use of international credit cards. Some dual currency credit cards from some national banks may encounter payment failures.

The virtual store in the three regions of the United States, Mexico and Canada is stricter with national credit cards. Currently, most national credit cards do not seem to be able to complete payment normally.

It is worth noting that it is recommended to avoid using the same credit card for payment in multiple stores. Previously, some players encountered the situation of being banned by Nintendo for this reason.

Buy physical eshop gift cards or game redemption codes on Taobao

When buying digital games on Taobao or Xianyu, a more reliable method is to purchase physical eshop gift cards or game redemption codes, because these redemption codes are usually obtained from cards sold at local stores and are also officially sold. Scope

Special reminder, the merchant must provide a physical photo of the gift card or game redemption code at the time of purchase, and display the corresponding redemption code on the photo, rather than the merchant sending you the redeem directly to you. Only in this way can the merchant buy the card. If you can only provide a redemption code, there are certain risks in the payment method, you can only trust the merchant’s reputation, it is recommended to carefully consider the purchase.

The next isNot recommendedPurchase method:

Buy an account on Taobao or Xianyu (including primary account or secondary account)

Taobao and Xianyu now have some merchants selling Nintendo Account accounts that contain games. These accounts are generally divided into two types, one is the primary account that you can fully control and the other is the secondary account generated through the Switch’s account system. The main difference between the two is that the secondary account requires online verification to play, and other accounts on the machine cannot play with this account.

For a detailed introduction to primary and secondary accounts, see: About Nintendo Switch online members, these are all the things you need to know

But no matter what type of account, it is difficult to guarantee security as we cannot determine if the merchant uses illegal payment methods when buying games on the account, so it is not recommended.

Let merchants load eshop gift cards / buy games on Taobao or Xianyu

Just like buying an account, letting merchants collect eshop gift cards / buy games also has the issue of payment security. More importantly, since you also gave the account password to the merchant, in theory there is a danger that the account will be taken directly. Choosing to buy games is also the type of player with the most banned accounts this time around, so buying games this way is not recommended.

In summary, if you have a credit card in eshop, use your own credit card, if you do not have a credit card, use Alipay (Minato) or PayPal national (day zone). Try to buy only physical gift cards / redemption codes. Strangers open family groups together, don’t use a broken Switch host, as long as they can do the above points, they can ensure the safe and worry-free purchase of Switch digital games.

Further reading:

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