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Pai Zaobao: National Bank price announcement of the HUAWEI P40 series, the three major operators jointly launched “5G News White Paper”, mobile phones to complete the unified push adaptation, etc.

HUAWEI P40 series national bank price announcement

On April 8, Huawei officially launched the national bank version of the HUAWEI P40 series and announced the internal price at the spring 2020 new products online conference. Among them, the HUAWEI P40 starts at 4188 yuan (6GB + 128GB ), and the HUAWEI P40 Pro sells Prices start at 5,988 yuan (8GB + 128GB), the HUAWEI P40 Pro + starts at 7,988 yuan (8GB + 256GB), and the limited set of HUAWEI P40 Pro crystal gift box ( 8GB + 256GB) costs 6,888 yuan.

The Huawei online conference scene | Figure: Finance Network

In addition, Huawei also launched a series of new products such as the Huawei AX3 router series, the X65 smart display, and the MateBook X Pro 2020 at this conference.Source

The three main operators jointly launched the “5G News White Paper”

On April 8, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom jointly held an online press conference and released the “5G News White Paper”. This white paper focuses on the core concepts, business functions, technical requirements and green construction of the “5G News” concept. The address was described in detail. According to the introduction, 5G news is Rich Media Communications (RCS). Previously, each OEM operator and manufacturer had previously cooperated separately, but it has not been widely popularized; The top three carriers will build on Future Unified International Standards (GSMA RCS UP), in collaboration with terminal manufacturers, platform service providers, and content providers to promote the development of the 5G message scale.Source

Nut mobile phone completes unified push adaptation

On April 9, the Unified Push Alliance announced that the Nut brand mobile phone system push service was tested to meet technical requirements and officially completed the adaptation of the Unified Push Service. As of April 8, the unified push service has covered Android devices from 8 manufacturers and 12 brands from Huawei, OPPO, OnePlus, ZTE, Samsung, vivo, Xiaomi and Nut.Source

Unified Push Service Covers Brands | Figure: Unified Push Alliance

For more information on the unified push alliance, see here.

Google Stadia launches free version

Affected by the epidemic, Google recently decided to launch the free version of the Stadia cloud gaming service in 14 countries and regions that already offer Stadia services. Users can sign up to play using Gmail mailboxes, and new users will also receive a 2-month Stadia Pro trial and gift. Nine games, including “GRID” and “Destiny 2”, will remain in the player’s game library once Stadia Pro has expired.

The free version of the Stadia service offers up to 1080P resolution, 60-frame game streaming, and supports stereo sound. Players who have previously subscribed to Stadia Pro will receive a reduction in subscription fees for the next 2 months.Source

Google will demand the perfect system update function

XDA-Developers reported that Google has recently updated the Vendor Test Suite (VTS) for OEM manufacturers. The new specification requires that devices pre-installed with the Android 11 system version must support A / B partition function, otherwise they cannot pass VTS certification and equipped with GMS (Google Mobile Services) suite.

Figure: AOSP Gerrit

Google reportedly introduced the A / B partition function on the Android system in 2016. Devices that support this function can complete the system update process without interfering with user use, achieving “perfect system updates.” Effect, but there are still Android devices, including Samsung, Huawei and other brands that do not support this function.Source

Bilibili officially reached strategic cooperation with Sony Music Entertainment

On April 8, Bilibili announced that Sony Music Entertainment has officially entered into a strategic cooperation with Bilibili. From now on, users can watch the music video from Sony Music Entertainment’s music library on Station B, including Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Bob Dylan, Qasis, etc. from Sony Music Entertainment in Europe and the United States, and Jolin Tsai, A-Lin, Huang Qishan in Chinese, Mo Wenwei, and other singers.Source

“Mario Tennis Ace” and “Traveler” have completed the preparation of the National Bank for the trial

On April 8, according to information published by the Shanghai Press and Publications Office, the three games of “Ace of Mario Tennis”, “Pancap Keeper” and “Traveler” were held “About publication and copying of electronic publications abroad, computer software, Non-commercial electronic media copyright authorization contract registration “and obtained permission. It should be noted that obtaining permission to register the copyright agreement does not mean that the game has been reviewed, and is most often seen as a prerequisite and preliminary preparation for submission for review.Source

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