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Whatsapp Tips & Tricks know how to send full resolution videos, photos on whatsapp – Whatsapp Tips & Tricks: Quality won’t spoil, send video-photos in full resolution

Whatsapp Tips & Tricks: If you have sent a video and photo on WhatsApp, then you must have noticed that while sending any video and photo, WhatsApp reduces the file size during the process. It is worth noting that if you look at the photo-video carefully, you will find that WhatsApp compresses the photo.

Explain that earlier the difference was quite easy to see, but now after the introduction of better technology, at first glance, the difference in the quality of photos will not be understood. By doing this, the consumption of data is less, but sometimes the situation is such that when we want to send video or photo in full-resolution. Today we will tell you two ways with which you will be able to send photos and videos in full resolution on WhatsApp.

How to send full-resolution photo-video on WhatsApp (first way)

The first way is that you can send videos and photos as a document. To do this, follow the steps mentioned below.

1) First open the WhatsApp app, after that open the chat to which you want to send photos, videos.
2) Then click on the attachment button.
3) Then click on Document option instead of Gallery option.

    Whatsapp Tips & Tricks
Whatsapp Tips & Tricks: Learn how to send full resolution photo-video (Photo- The Indian Express)

4) After this, select any video or photo you want to send.
5) After selecting photo or video, click on send button.
6) By doing this, the video or photo will look like a document, they have to be downloaded first to open it.

How to send full-resolution photo-video on WhatsApp (another way)

If you want to send multiple files at once, you can create and send a zip file. To do this, follow the steps mentioned below.

1) First of all go to the phone’s file manager and select all the photos and videos you want to send.
2) After selecting all the photos and videos, go to the options menu and create a zip file with the help of Archive option.
3) After creating the zip file, go to WhatsApp and open the chat of the contact to whom you want to send photos and videos.
4) Then click on the attachment option and click on the document option.
5) After that select the zip file, press the send button.

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