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Comments | 12 application to look into the near future

Hello everyone, we have compiled 12 applications that deserve attention in the near future. Let’s see if there are products that interest you.


Reading: interactive Japanese learning tools

Tp:Some people think that learning Japanese is “laughing and starting to cry.” You just need to learn the Japanese syllabary and combine the advantages of Chinese characters to understand most Japanese. However, Japanese grammar is quite complicated. Even if you can read it, you won’t be able to break the sentence or understand the grammar. It is still difficult to master Japanese. Prep is an “advanced” Japanese learning tool. The app no ​​longer focuses on recognizing all fifty sounds. Instead, take songs and novels as examples to separate sentences and learn grammar.

Reading uses an interactive learning method, and you can learn through chat methods. The app currently has content ranging from the origins of Japanese to how to analyze sentence structure, and will update Japanese primary grammar and extracurricular exercises in the future. The interactive learning method weakens the “blackboard, an eye” feel of traditional textbooks, making people more interested in learning and learning more easily.

In addition to the interactive lessons, you can still find detailed explanations of various parts of the speech in the reading for reference to help you better understand the five types of Japanese verbs, honorifics and more. Does Sentium also provide the sentence structure analysis function? You can import Japanese original sentences by pasting or scanning. The application will automatically analyze the components of the sentences and provide you with options such as translation.

The most distinctive place to read is your weekly recommendation. You can find articles and songs in Japanese recommended by you in “Recommendation”. With the help of reading, you can analyze the content and learn to read these sentences correctly. While learning Japanese, you can also enjoy great jobs, killing two birds with one stone.

You can App Store It can be downloaded and read for free. The application is subscription-based, and the price is 6 yuan / month, 38 yuan / year, and the purchase price is 68 yuan.

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Little Universe: new option for the Podcast application, social features

Snow:Last week, the team immediately launched a new podcast app, “Small Universe.” Since this app is still in the testing phase of the invitation system, you may have been robbed by social media platforms. After a few days of use, the Universe has many bright spots. Let’s take a look together. Zh

One of the great advantages of the little universe is its powerful Chinese search function. In recent years, with the rise of podcast platforms like the Himalayas, the number of Chinese podcasts has also grown rapidly, and once a single feed search was obviously insufficient to meet demand. Little Universe supports searching for subscribed shows, episode titles, and related users. The search also uses a more practical rough match. Even if you only remember sparse words, you can also search for a specific section and can play directly without subscription. . Zh

In addition to searching, Little Universe is also one of the few podcast apps that recommend full Chinese content on the discovery page. If you’ve just started using podcasts and don’t know what to listen to, you can turn around here and see if you can find some cool shows. .

Another advantage of the small universe is its social function. If the social function is not good, it is easy to reject. The small universe provides the basic attention function, and you can see the transmission history and duration of the other party. The most sophisticated social interaction is displayed on the game page. A “Like” button is located at the bottom right of the player. When you hear the time that interests you, you can click the button to contribute to the moment. At this point, the more clicks there are, the higher the histogram will be on the timeline. Subsequent users can use this heat histogram to determine which parts of the podcast are most exciting.

In addition, Little Universe also provides a new timestamp comment form: When you post a comment, you can mark the time point where it is currently playing, and other users can quickly jump by clicking on the time point. In this way, the comments are more specific and users can exchange their experiences. Of course, the little universe also has some shortcomings. For example, it currently only provides two playback settings: dual speed playback and timer. If you’re used to Overcast’s clever acceleration and vocal enhancement, you may feel that using the little universe to play games is too slow.

You can App Store Download the little universe for free, which generates exclusive invitation codes for minority readers.After new users enter the app, enter SPAI to join.

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Google Podcast: Introducing iOS

Tp:Like a Google app, Google Podcast is, in a sense, a “first-party podcast app” for the Android platform. This week, Google Podcast launched on the App Store, bringing this “Android First Party Application” to the iOS platform.

Google Podcasts are similar to other blog apps in terms of basic features, and they support features like speed adjustment and dwell time. However, Google podcasts are much better than similar apps in terms of fine tuning. General podcast apps can only change between 0.5-2 times the speed, and Google podcasts can be adjusted in 0.5-3 times intervals.

Google Podcasts offers the “cut silent parts” feature for free. Thanks to Google’s excellent algorithms, the cut audio sounds very natural. Additionally, Google Podcasts has an AI-based “Recommended for You” feature to help you discover more interesting podcasts.

Applications are also quite unique in search. You can search for a single episode of the podcast and its profile directly by keywords, rather than simply searching for the podcast name. The downside is that Google podcasts do not support subscribing to podcasts via RSS at this time. If you enter an RSS link to a podcast in the Google Library in the search box, you can subscribe, but there is nothing you can do for those stand-alone podcasts.

You can App Store OR Google play Download Google Podcasts for free.

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Pro Camera by Moment: added time-lapse photography mode

huhuhang:Moment is a Seattle-based manufacturer of external lenses for mobile phones, and Pro Camera (formerly Moment) is a manual camera app developed by him. Last week, Pro Camera released the major update 4.0, which brought cooler and more concise app icons. Personally, I prefer the new icon, and you can also choose the remaining 4 icon styles that include the classic LOGO through the app settings.

Time Lapse Photography Mode is the newest feature in 4.0, supporting 12MP full resolution RAW frame capture and can be exported as 4K video. For mobile phone time lapse photography, you need to use a tripod, set the time interval and maximum shooting frame, Pro Camera will automatically calculate the video duration and start shooting.

In addition, the new version adds bracketing in photo mode, manual control in slow shutter mode and a new spirit level. Unfortunately, these new 4.0 features mentioned above only appear in iOS version In the official recommendation for Android users FILMIC Pro Professional camera applications.

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Simple Cut: Video GIF Helper

The yong words take the lead:As more and more people begin to pick up mobile phones to record and share videos, light video editing on the mobile end has simply become necessary. Of course, not everyone needs to use the revamped Vlog editing app. More often, we just want to organize and slightly modify the content we record or store. Jane Cut is such a lightweight video processing application.

Although Jianjian’s appearance is “mediocre”, Jianjian supports a number of features around video processing. Common video cropping, splicing, and rotation are naturally important, and simple cut also supports reverse video playback, variable speed, video resolution adjustment, and video-to-GIF functions.

In the daily video editing process, we may want to remove the sound from the video. At this time, Jianjian’s “Delete Audio” feature may be useful. Conversely, sometimes we just want to keep the audio content in the video, we can use Jianjian’s “Extract Audio” function.

In the process of watching a video, we may want to capture a certain image in the video to share it. Jian Jian’s built-in screen capture function can fully meet this demand. And when we want to share some classic scene lines, we need to use the simple cut function of the spelling lines. Using this feature, we can also take common screenshots to share lines.

You can Kuan OR Play store Download free with Jane Scissors. Please note that the package names do not match.

Plenary – offline RSS reader that helps you read texts aloud

Noah_Choi:Plenary is an RSS reading tool on the Android platform. It uses Material Design and has a dark theme by default. It looks very textured. Plenary can be used offline without worrying about the network connection. For RSS feed subscriptions, in addition to supporting regular link subscriptions and built-in feed recommendations, Plenary also has a feature called “Rss Wizard”. Its essence is to help users to “create” rather than “provide” RSS feeds. Subscribe to Google News here, convert Tumblr or Pinterest to RSS, or subscribe to specific content on Wikipedia.

In terms of article analysis, the analytical power of Plenary from embedded sources is not very good, but the content analysis of the main home media is very good, but don’t worry, if the content you are watching cannot be analyze, it is recommended to jump to it through the built-in browser. Web pages, plenary reading mode can provide better reading results (perhaps reading mode is the main feature of plenary?).

As a reader, Plenary also provides voice reading capabilities to users (and matches Android media notification style). In the content of the analyzed article, click on the small headset button at the bottom of the screen to listen to the content you like. However, since Plenary is primarily used offline, the downsides of offline TTS synthesis still exist, such as the absence of pause between sentences, frustration, etc., especially when reading articles aloud in English , it is really tired. Hopefully Plenary will offer custom text-to-speech options.

Now you can Google play Download Plenary, the app’s basic features are free, and subscribers can unlock options like pure black mode, unlimited subscriptions, read more sources, skip the built-in browser, and more.

Toast Words: don’t memorize words in the app

Noah_Choi:Tosta notifications have a very important position on the Android platform, and their ephemeral nature is very suitable for transmitting temporary information to users. However, some applications do the opposite and have to use toast notifications to “remember” this temporary information. Toast Word is such an application, which makes full use of the “repetitive and undetected” function of toast notifications, allowing users to “forcefully and passively” read, and you intentionally or no.

Before using roasted words, you need to open your floating window permissions and turn off battery optimization, turn on the auto start feature in the background, and then complete thesaurus selection and roast style modification so that the words toast display toast containing words Notice. You can also enable toast pronunciation in settings, eyes and ears will passively receive messages, avoiding “silly English”.

In addition to toast notifications, the app also provides desktop widgets and word backups in the notification bar, which are independent of each other. Although the solgen for roasted words is “do not memorize words in the application”, you can still see the content of the word and complete the registration in the application.

Personally, I don’t recommend toast in between, otherwise it may affect normal use. Also, it is recommended to turn off the toast voice and enable the voice of the desktop widget, otherwise the high sound frequency will annoy others; the notification bar doesn’t seem to adopt the standard Android style Not very pretty. If you use native Android, it is recommended to disable the notification bar. If it is a deep magic modification system, to ensure the background of the application, it is recommended to open the notification bar but store it. One more thing to note is that when the toast notification appears, the auto lock screen may crash.

You canCool NetworkDownload free toasted words.


Screen Capture – Automated Web Screen Capture Tool

Chemistry 2 mood:Although there are quite a few tools that can implement web page screenshots, most of them are not convenient enough, especially when you need to take screenshots of the entire web page instead of screenshots. It is quite problematic to join images. Of course it can’t be better.

Screenshot Tracker is a tool that can automate the screenshots of the web page. By performing automated tasks, you can achieve web pages corresponding to web page specifications on different devices like desktop, tablet (horizontal), tablet (vertical) and mobile phone at the same time. The screen capture operation is also very simple in practice: click on “New run” to create a task and then enter the URL of the web page that should be screenshot (multiple URLs can be entered) on the page task creation, then select the device type on the screen size page and directly click “Start Run” and wait.

After the task is complete, you can see the approximate effect of the screenshot on the task detail page. Click on the corresponding device to see the duration of the screenshot. To find the location where the image is saved, simply click on “Open Screenshots Folder” in the upper right corner.

Currently, the Screenshot Tracker interface also adds a dark theme change mode, but it is not possible to perform screen capture operations on the web page in the dark mode under the dark theme.

Screenshot Tracker is available at GitHub project home Free download

Animockup: an application to show animation / video production tools

Chemistry 2 mood:How to make the app more realistic and scene oriented? Screen captures or screen recording alone may not deepen the sense of substitution. The best way is to turn it into a short introductory video or animated image. Animockup is a dynamic visualization diagram creation tool.

Unlike many dynamic modeling tools that require many tools for local operation, Animockup is an online service. The only thing that needs local operation is one: screen recording on a mobile phone and processing into a small video of about 5 seconds. The next step is to click “Drag and Drop Video” to transfer the video to the production platform.

After that, you can choose the equipment you recorded for casing processing, just like in the past we used “Cassette Screenshot”. There are many parts that can be configured or added, such as the size ratio and the background color of the main platforms. Manually set the aspect ratio, size, etc. of the model video. Of course, for an introductory video of the app, the most important thing is to add a text note. Of course, adding an image (like a logo) to the video can show the model. It looks more formal.

Animockup provides two download methods for video export, one is automatic compression to GIF (but the definition is poor) and the other is video. The application supports WebM or MP4 file export format, which is used to adapt to different scenes. Show and advertise needs.

You can visit Official Web site Use Animockup.

Flash application:

  • VVebo (iOS) – Previous version of external Weibo client opens a new version VVebo X Public Test.
  • Anchor (iOS): Supports multi-person remote collaborative recording of podcast shows.
  • Dell Mobile Connect (Windows 10): Upgrade to 3.0, support iPhone screen mirroring and file transfer between PC and iPhone.

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