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smartphone sales report | Global phone sales fell by 14 Percent in February due to coronavirus outbreak say counterpoint research report | Global smartphone sales fell 14% due to Corona, many brands extended warranty period to give relief to customers

Dainik Bhaskar

Mar 28, 2020, 06:18 PM IST

Gadget desk. In view of the increasing influence of Coronavirus, many countries of the world have been completely locked down. The lives of hundreds of people have been affected and this has seen the impact of mobile industries. According to a report by Counterpoint Research, global sales have fallen by up to 14 per cent due to the trade-off, and the reason for this decline is not just coronavirus which has reached many countries through China. . It is being told that the separate 18 months will be very difficult for many industries.

Counterpoint research
Source- Counterpoint Research

Many brands such as Realme and Xiaomi have canceled the launching events of their smartphones. Apple also had to close many stores around the world, including China due to this epidemic. In February, other smartphone companies, including Apple, closed their stores in China, according to a report by Routers. Talking about sales figures, Apple sold less than 5 lakh units in the Chinese market during this period.

Source- Counterpoint Research
Source- Counterpoint Research

However, now the recovery of this epidemic is seen in China, due to which many stores have been reopened. At the same time, it is recovering in South Korea, but its cases are increasing in other parts of the world.

To give relief to its customers in this difficult time, Realme and many other brands have started offering extended warranty on their devices. Companies have announced that those whose warranties expire between March and April will be provided with additional warranties by 31 May 2020. Apart from this, the company has also extended the replacement warranty in case of a phone malfunction due to a 21-day lockdown.

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