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Search your favorite YouTube channels and understand trends with the help of these websites. Search your favorite YouTube channels and understand trends with the help of these websites

Dainik Bhaskar

Feb 17, 2020, 09:51 AM IST

Gadget desk. YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform. If you are also a user of this platform and use it to watch videos of your choice, then you must have realized that searching the best channels is not an easy task. Here you get many recommendations or suddenly some good channels whose name you may not have even heard. At times YouTube’s own algorithms adjusting videos are also not accurate. In such a situation, controlling your YouTube search is not easy, but there are some recommendation sites that you can master by using it.

If you are looking for educational videos, you can give a new dimension to your learning with YouTube channels included in the channels stack specifications. Here you get channels that help you learn coding, play guitar, design a website and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Creatorspot is like a producthunt for creators on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. On this website, you are told about eight new creators every day. You can find a youtuber to follow here. This platform, which gives opportunity to fresh creators, selects them based on quality, originality, attention and frequency. On this website, you can not only discover new videos and their creators, but can also recommence great photographers, YouTubers, Writers, Influencers and Producers.

On this page you can see what is trending on YouTube that day. This list is updated after every 15 minutes. The Trends page shows a large range of interests in the respective region. It is not personalized, but is a good way to know what is happening on YouTube in the world. In this, you get categories like music, gaming, news and fashion. But if you want to limit your search to a category like Craft or Education, then you will not find these in trends.

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