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Hong Kong Scientists Gave Warning For Coronavirus 13 Years Ago – 13 years ago, prediction of Corona’s birth in China, had to be ignored heavily

New Delhi The terror of Coronavirus, which started from Wuhan, China, has now taken over almost the whole world. Millions of people have been affected, but do you know four scientists in Hong Kong had warned about the Corona virus (Kovid-19) 13 years ago. But at that time no one paid attention to his words. So today most countries are suffering the brunt of it.

Lockdown: When the people came to take stock, the administration caught hold and did the cleaning work.

Four Hong Kong scientists presented a research review 13 years ago. In which it was said that soon a virus like SARS could be born from China’s wildlife market. Despite warning of such a great danger, no one noticed it. Now this research has been cited by scientists of reputed institutes like National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), University of Punjab, India. He says that if attention was given to this, today the whole world would not have seen these situations.


Revealed in the research on virus
On October 12, 2007, a research review was jointly created by Hong Kong University scientists Vicente CC Cheng, Susanna KP Lau, Patrick CY Wu and Kwok Yung Yuen. In which research on the virus was reviewed worldwide. It was also published in the American Society for Micro Biology. According to the report, scientists had said that in 2002, a virus like SARS emerged from the wildlife market of southern China and can spread the Kovid-2 virus (COVID-19) through bats etc. The virus is currently named Kovid-19, which is the same. Scientists also said that Kovid-2 will be many times stronger than other viruses. Animals have developed this virus for their protection.

The consequences of not taking the warning seriously
Prof. of Punjab University Chandigarh Prince Sharma, Dean Sciences, said that when the SARS virus came in the year 2002-03, scientists were warned about it. Despite this, no government paid any attention to it. Everyone took it lightly. Today everyone is suffering as a result of bypassing such a serious issue.

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