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WeChat for Windows features open beta, making it easy to play mini-Minority games

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WeChat has basically become the most popular social app, and even the recent adaptation of the WeChat mobile phone to dark mode has attracted a lot of attention. The WeChat desktop is also not ignored. The long-awaited “touch fish” artifact, the WeChat mini-game has finally been adapted to the WeChat desktop. You can even fight the owner and jump on WeChat.

WeChat on the PC can “ jump ”

Support for small desktop programs has been online for a long time, but has not been adapted for small games. This time WeChat public beta update for Windows, The version number was updated to v.2.9.0, and the PC game WeChat was officially announced.

It is already compatible to open almost all WeChat minigames, you can happily fight against the owner, jump and play chess in Windows WeChat. You don’t have to trust 4399 minigames to go to work and fish.

According to official WeChat news, PC gaming also provides developers with new PC capabilities, such as custom Windows events, keyboard and mouse, and developers can adapt to PC for a better desktop gaming experience.

Applet panel and message references are more versatile

Of course, updating in such a long time is not only suitable for mini games. WeChat also added some new features in the user experience.

Applet panel

The applet dashboard is online, which means that it is ultimately not necessary to open the applet via chat history or on the mobile phone in advance. The applet panel supports displaying your favorite applets and recently used applets, so you can more conveniently open the applet or game you want. .

Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot find unused applets through the search method on PC. You still need a mobile phone.

Message reference support is more versatile

Earlier versions of WeChat, including WeChat on macOS, do not support images and articles posted when citing messages, they only support text.

I haven’t used WeChat on Windows in a long time, and I found that the WeChat reference style on Windows is the same as that of the Android phone, instead of being separated by dotted lines on macOS. Image quotes only show thumbnails by default, you can click to view the original image.

Forwarded graphic messages also support quotation marks. All message types have the same quote style. You can click the quote style to view the content of the original message.

Automatic file download, automatic voice to text conversion

In addition, two new small features must be activated manually in settings, which are automatic file download and automatic speech-to-text conversion. These two functions are mainly provided to users who need it.

It can be opened according to your choice. For example, if the computer’s storage space is limited, it is not recommended to enable automatic file download. If wearing a headset is not convenient during office hours, you may want to consider turning on automatic voicemail to text conversion to improve efficiency.


With the addition of small programs and games, WeChat on the PC side also has increasingly rich functions, and can even replace some operations that previously required opening the web page, such as Tencent documents, casual games, etc. And new features added to the user experience this time really make people see that WeChat no longer squeezes toothpaste-like updates and only fixes bugs and the like. I hope the official version can be released as soon as possible.

As a macOS user, I can only silently regret that the year of the monkey can follow the progress of the Windows update …

You can Here Download the WeChat PC public beta.

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