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Indian Scientist Very Close To Finding Corona Virus Vaccine – Finally Indian Scientists Discovered ‘Corona Virus’ Break! This ‘vaccine’ will end

new Delhi: If people in the world are most scared of anything at this time, it is the coronavirus. Large number of victims and deaths of this virus are continuously being reported worldwide. In such a situation, from scientists to doctors, they are trying to find ways to prevent this virus at their own level. But amidst all this, a relief news has come out that an Indian scientist will soon get vaccinated with the corona virus.


The innocent got ‘corona virus’, seeing the condition of the child, the doctor started crying bitterly

This Indian scientist Australia Are in This team is working under the leadership of Overseas Indian scientist SS Vasan and there is also a very close discussion about making this corona virus vaccine. Actually, research is going on in a High Security Lab of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, or CSIRO, in Australia. Recently researchers at the Dorty Institute in Australia have been able to isolate a virus from a person’s sample. SS Vasan stated that his lab is currently working to increase the virus stock.


Know on whose request this scientist had prepared a dangerous ‘corona virus’, took 10 years to make

If this Vaccine If SS Vasan’s team makes the final and it is fully prepared, then a big win against Corona virus could prove to be. Significantly, the virus originated from the city of Wuhan in China. At the same time, it has been reported that about 564 people have died in China. In such a situation, it remains a matter of concern for the world.

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