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Introduce yourself and what you did

I’m Gold, a man who can eat everywhere, a stand-up comedy announcer in the food industry, and a food vlog blogger.

My account name is “Eat Bar Gold”, and I have produced and distributed video content based on store-oriented gourmet vlog across multiple platforms. It has its own unique style, and the audience often praises the copy.

In addition, I am also a partner in a small MCN company. What our company does is continually build and incubate various types of video celebrities in the media. That is, in addition to creating my own content, I will also help their celebrities to plan content and even start video production.

What is the opportunity to join the ranks of vlog content creators?

I graduated with a specialization in software engineering and, after graduating, I entered an internet company in the field of tourism to work in technology. By chance, I participated in an internal event for company employees and held a Japanese food sharing meeting for my colleagues called “Japanese Food.” As everyone impressed me a lot during the shared session, the CEO of the company and I organized an innovative project together, and we started marching towards the short video field that gradually lit up at that time.

Eat it all gold vlog works: 1000 ways to die for scallops! The food here is clearly organized!

In the beginning, our short video content direction was the trip to Japan, which belongs to the vertical travel field subdivision. However, during the implementation process, I gradually discovered that pure travel video content has a really not optimistic I / O ratio. I can’t find a stable routine can make such videos quickly. And because my work environment is fixed, this limits me to building cars behind closed doors if I want to create content, so the quality of this content is getting worse.

From the travel company, I don’t have shackles, I no longer want to make travel videos and I move to the food field with a wider audience and greater freedom. I’m alone, without so many characters, scripts, and cameras, just sharing the food, the stories, and my understanding of them with the audience, and naturally I became a vlogger.

What was the biggest difficulty you encountered when creating the vlog?

There is no clear style of its own. At the beginning of the shoot, I was just filming the classic video of a store-like meal that a person would say to the camera while eating, commenting on dishes, and ordering some science. Later, I once ate at a store I had just eaten @ 盗 月 社, and after it was published, it was questioned by many Pirate Moon fans for plagiarism. That day, I met Pirate Moon Club, and for the first time, I also met the spray online. Power.

Later, my friend introduced me to consult an MCN company to see if I could log in to His Majesty. As a result, the people there did not satisfy me because they had no style of their own.

How did you overcome this difficulty later?

Set your mindset, calm and think about your strengths and weaknesses, and strengthen and avoid weaknesses. For example, I write my own essay. I still have a good ability to find stems. I have flexible brains and I often have wonderful explanations for very common things. Therefore, it is not suitable for recording simultaneous sounds on the spot. Instead, you should redesign and write the essay based on the content of the material. .

Since then, the quality of the video has increased a bit, and more and more people have started to like my content.

What is your favorite problem during vlog shooting and what are the special reasons?

I like the next issue more, because I always look forward to the unknown future. If it’s released, I like this meatball period at the grocery store. On the one hand, it is recommended by the station B officer. On the other hand, this period is the freest time I have taken on the set. Some discreet lenses, without any consideration when shooting, are very comfortable and comfortable, without stress. This feeling is difficult to find when filming other works.

Eat it all gold vlog It works: this great dumplings store hidden in the supermarket, why is business so fashionable?

What was the vlog you were recording / conceiving recently?

When conceiving a vlog content category that shows different career styles for your celebrities, they may be occupations that we do not usually pay attention to or occupations that are far away from us, the daily life of these occupations and the understanding of the life of these professionals. Probably the most attractive.

Does it describe your ideal creative state?

A lot of material was shot on a beautiful day, and many scripts were written on a literary night.

What are your usual ways to get inspired?

Change things from multiple perspectives, record more and accumulate more.

Watch classic movies and television dramas, especially sitcoms and television shows from the 1990s or early 2000s. That may be the most active period of thought in the world of Chinese literature and art in recent decades. Many interesting things at work still have a leading role today.

What hardware do you use in your vlog creation?

Camera: Canon M6, iPhone X

Lens: EFM 11-22, EFM 15-45

Computer: MacBook Pro Mid 2014

Lighting: Aputure H198

Mike: Rode VideoMicro

What software

Edition: Final Cut Pro

Subtitles: ArcTime

Conversion: macXvideo

What advice do you have for newcomers who want to enter the vlog?

Be sure to think about where your strengths and weaknesses are. This is essential to find and stabilize your style later.

Although if you want to be good at work, you must sharpen it first, but don’t superstify the team. The focal point of a good vlog video should not be how exquisite the image is or how high the EXIF ​​information is in the attributes, but rather the attitude and emotion conveyed in the video, it can impress others or bring you Accurately Everything I wanted to express was expressed.

What do you understand by vlog?

Record your life with video.

The first is to get involved, not only in your own characters, but also in your own emotions and attitudes.

Second, there must be a theme. The vlog is definitely not an image stack + a music stack. Through these sounds and images, there must be a deep level of expression, be it a love of life or an understanding of something.

Satisfying the previous two is the vlog I understand.

How to conceive and fire a failed vlog?

Slow rhythm + unknown subject + current account, can meet a classic fault vlog.

During the vlog recording time, what loss is more unexpected than getting it?

I may no longer have the concept of “journey” in my life. Any trip is recorded and filmed. At least 4 films are produced in 7 days of material, otherwise I will feel very lost.

Are there vloggers you like? (It may still be small, but very special)

First じ め し ゃ ち ょ ー の 畑 The first YouTuber in Japan, a video shot by President Hajime’s small group, vividly shows the performance of Japanese youth in the second form.

Mark Wiens Global Gourmet Trip

What else do you want to share about “vlog” and “creation”?

When we want to create vlog videos, we don’t always justify ourselves for one reason or another. Today we do not believe that we are going to cut the video, it is only because we did not start cutting it. In fact, using software is a very simple matter, and more vlogs still have to work harder on content. If even simple software is reluctant to learn, careful content crafting will definitely set us back. The potential of humans is beyond our imagination. Although we will and try, it will have a particularly good effect.

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