Download Skullgirls MOD APK v4.4.2 (Frozen Enemies/Free Skills)

If you had added one before Mortal Kombat series of games are always looking for games with similar features. This product is too attractive to make players indulge in their intense action and extremely fast-paced gameplay. Later, there are still different games that follow this style but few successes only because it can’t be compared in every way (Even this game is still always having new versions to satisfy players).

However, if you like Mortal Kombat-style Anime girls, you can find Skullgirls. Because basically, the player will quickly see how fast it fights with a variety of designed combos and a large character system. The special thing here is that all the gladiators present in the game are girls who are created in anime style. But here is a harmonious combination of 3 cute, sexy and horror elements. In general, players need to participate in the game to experience that feeling.

Skullgirls (MOD, Frozen Enemies/Free Skills)

The gameplay

Skullgirls brings players to a fantasy world where girls have met a genuinely weird kind of power. New Meridian is the target of Skullgirl if she touches that energy, she will become champion, destroying this world. Only girls with the same power as this one can destroy the root. You will play one of these soldiers and fight through each stage to stop this evil person.

Skullgirls (MOD, Frozen Enemies/Free Skills)

The controls of the game will be correctly instructed in the tutorial, but it will be a combination of on-screen operations and not within the framework. Usually, a combination of basic movements such as swipe to move, tap the screen to attack and manipulate them together will create a separate attack effect. There are some special skills called Special Moves and Blockbusters. You can unlock them in the store and learn how to activate in a real battle. This is extremely useful because all characters have these skills, making the game more intense, beautiful action scenes and causing more events in the game. If you use them at the right time, you can turn the table.

Skullgirls (MOD, Frozen Enemies/Free Skills)

Many game mode

In general, the mechanism of operation is similar to most popular antagonistic role-playing games. The fighting style and animation are almost identical to the Mortal Kombat and images, and the idea is 2D Anime. But this game was created with many different modes for players to experience, plunging into real battles. Story Mode is the main place where players can follow the main timeline of the game and understand everything that is set. Prize Fight allows players to participate in online battles, fighting against other players in the world.

The most rewarding reward for this game is the new fighters that will be unlocked for you. The Rift Battles is also another mode of antagonism, but this time the player will build a defensive team to oppose the enemy. After the match, the difference is in the prize; winning will receive rare items to enhance the power of the fighters later. Daily Events is really a remarkable place when it is just simple tasks, quite easy to complete; the reward is not much but stable.

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