Download Mario Kart Tour APK v2.6.2 for Android (Official Nintendo)

Mario Kart Tour will replace many of the racing games available on mobile phones today

Over the years, the gaming market has changed so much that people who play games often are surprised. Because at present, the gameplay is no longer fixed on a particular genre that is growing more and more. Many games incorporate elements of different genres. Besides, the graphics of the game also increased significantly. Almost like the simulator games have described a real-world never seen in game history. Their capacity has reached some GBs. So the game launches as later will overshadow the appearance of the game was born before. Even the backwardness of a game takes place only a few weeks or months.

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However, there are still endless games with five million downloads. Lots of gamers later know about it, still playing it as a whole new game. It was a success for the Nintendo console as well as the publisher of the Nintendo brand to create their own brand – Mario. For the long 25 years, it has stood firm on the position of the largest revenue game in the world. The bearded man also appears as a symbol for Nintendo in particular and the gaming world in particular. The Mario character has a place in the gaming industry as well as the position of Mickey Mouse in the hearts of animated fans.

Mario Kart Tour

Since Mario is a character and an icon, it is incorporated into various Nintendo games to create a positive effect for the new game. A lot of different types of games have been tested and succeeded brilliantly. In it, the manufacturer apparently produces a legendary racing game called Mario Kart Tour. There are a lot of ups and downs, but it stands on the list of favourite racing games besides games like Asphalt, Needs For Speed, F1, etc. Recently, following the movement that Nintendo has given Launched the first version of Mario Kart Tour on Android and iOS to expand this potential market.

Mario Kart Tour


The game is still a racing game identical to the previous version, but there are innovations to bring a better experience for players. They try to include as many advanced features as possible in order to make the game as agile and easy to play as possible. First of all to mention the appeal of a game where the player is comfortable customizing everything of the character. This is especially fun for many players because it makes their characters exciting and different. Items can be acquired during the game or can be purchased in the game’s store. Some things can also be unlocked in special events that can not be found elsewhere. You can even change the look of the race.

Mario Kart Tour


The game also promotes the rapid spread of social networking and has created itself a function that connects players through Facebook and Twitter. Players will continuously receive rewards and send requests and gifts to their relatives and friends. This is always the big push for players to return to the game more and more. You can also record your results to post on social networks and challenge your friends. That is the reason that the game is always standing through many ups and downs.

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