Download Battle Boom APK v1.1.13 Mod latest for Android

Do you dream of becoming a police guard for peace in the country? The eye-catching action films of police officers always give you great motivation to pursue a dream. Get on with bombs, grenades and other weapons to capture dangerous criminals by the characters you own and receive unexpected bonuses from Battle Boom game.

Top strategy game

Your character is the cops with ferocious beliefs that will win every dark hostile plot. Try to complete the task to become captain. With the weapons that police often use, players are also used boom for the character. They will fight fierce battles with criminals, enemies with various methods of murder, looting with their teammates. Make a plan of action for each target, apply the weapons, the available skills allow the use of each play to overcome opponents and expand the combat space, this helps increase The ability to win for his team.

Also, Battle Boom offers other features for players such as time limit which makes you have to calculate very tight strategy if you do not want to tie up before winning the opponent.
Enjoy gun battles in large battlefields with a panoramic view and can adjust your strategy when problems occur. Bring your own boom types with over 70 different types and weapons to suit every situation. Join the special police force with other Legion team members and fight together in missions. The graphics are like simply animated films, vividly depicting the emotions of the characters in battle. With important matches, you can even use tanks to suppress criminals.

Sum up

You are always longing to be part of the battle as brave policemen. Always try his best to be able to accomplish outstanding tasks for the security of the country. At present, the role-playing game hidden heroes are rampant in the market, but the real role-playing games are very little. Therefore, if you have the feeling that you want to hold guns for the country, do not wait anymore. Download Battle Boom APK now to participate in fierce battles.

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