learn how to hide app in android

learn how to hide app in android

learn how to hide app in android like a pro, so here are the updated methods for hiding your apps in android. before going to know about is let’s know Why Would Anyone Want to Hide Apps on Android?

Why Would Anyone Want to Hide Apps on Android?

Hiding anything, even an application on your phone or tablet is a way that people keep things safe or private. In the case of hiding applications, a person can choose to do so for several reasons. For example, someone may have family members who do not believe in privacy. Hiding applications that contain confidential information or communications is a way to protect your personal privacy.

Another reason why people can choose to hide the applications on their device is to protect the information, such as financial details, trade secrets or intellectual property, in case of loss or theft of their phone.

Finally, some Android devices are loaded with bloatware that saturates the device. These useless applications can interfere with the search for the applications you use most frequently and can cause confusion or even slow down your device if they run constantly. Hiding these applications cleans the user experience and can help your device work better.

learn how to hide app in android like a pro:

Use a home screen replacement launcher to hide apps

Use a home screen replacement launcher to hide apps

The easiest way to hide an application is to simply remove it from the application drawer. This is a common feature in most home screen replacement launchers. You can still use the Google search bar to start your application, but people won’t be able to find it in your drawer. We recommend Nova Launcher

Here we’ll explain to you how to do it:

  • Download Nova Launcher
  • Press and hold the home screen
  • Select settings
  • Select application and widget drawers
  • Scroll down to Hide apps
  • Check all applications to hide from the drawer

Use an App Hiding App for Non-System Apps

Applications that are not preinstalled on your device (which you download from the Google Play Store or other sources) generally cannot be disabled. Hiding those applications is a bit more complicated. You will need a third-party application to do so.

Third-party application concealment applications come in different varieties. Some, such as Calculator Vault, hide applications within a folder that is disguised by another application. Sometimes, this costume application is fully functional, and sometimes it is just a dummy application. The idea is that anyone looking for the applications you are trying to hide is not likely to go beyond the surface during that search.

Other applications such as Apex Launcher put a completely new mask (or interface) on your device, which includes secure folders that require a password to access where you can store the applications you prefer to keep private. Or, there are vaults of applications that are not hidden, such as AppLock, that do not attempt to hide the fact that they are hiding applications. Set up a PIN code to access what is stored in the vault, but the vault is visible to anyone who accesses your phone.

Application masks are a great way to protect applications that you don’t want others to access. Just take some time to review some of them before making a final decision on which one to use, since each one will have different characteristics and requirements to work.

Applock2 for hiding your Apps on Android:

AppLock 2 is a simple and clean application that allows you to put a lock pattern, PIN or password on top of any application on your phone. It has powerful tools such as delayed blocking, intrusion alerts, the ability to block system settings and the ability to block the Play Store to prevent unwanted downloads. [To download]

This last method is for those annoying applications that are preinstalled on your phone. In the old days of Android, basically there was nothing you could do to get rid of bloatware applications. Now, thanks to Google, there is a built-in method that should work for most applications. In most cases, you cannot uninstall the applications, but you can disable them, which is just as good.

  • Open configuration
  • Find applications
  • Select an application to disable from the list
  • If possible, you will see a Disable button
  • Touch the button and done.

So this is how to hide app in android hope you like this post please feel free to comment.


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