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The official first exposure of 5G logo Huawei nova6 to launch 5G new machine?

The official first exposure of 5G logo Huawei nova6 to launch 5G new machine?

The official first exposure of 5G logo Huawei nova6 to launch 5G new machine?: What does the 5G network bring to us? Faster internet speed? Lower latency? More connections? In the era when 5G is about to become popular, major mobile phone manufacturers have seized the opportunity and laid out the 5G market one after another, paving the way for their own 5G new machines.

  As a leader in the 5G era, Huawei will not miss the 5G vent. After the launch of the 5G model in the mate 30 series, Huawei’s new, stylish and trendy nova series has revealed three new nova machines. The animation, the product found, the word “nova6 5G” appeared at the end of the animation, which not only indicates that the new machine will support 5G network, but also indicates that the 5G mobile phone belonging to young people is coming, and according to the sales and reputation of the previous generation nova5 series. Double harvest, this new nova6 machine is likely to bring good performance.

The nova series has always been the brand that is most concerned by young people. The fashion and trend of each new generation of nova can lead the trend of the moment. Its self-timer ability can always be at the forefront of the industry, always solving difficulties for young consumers. It can be said that the fashion and trend of the nova series has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which has steadily consolidated its user base and consolidated its market position.

The official first exposure of 5G logo Huawei nova6 to launch 5G new machine?

As the new product to be released by Huawei’s nova series in the near future, nova6 has been combined with the self-portrait of young people nowadays, and the self-timer function has been upgraded in many directions. This is reflected in the three animations officially exposed by Huawei.

  In the animation, the word “nova6” unlocks the self-timer new gameplay in a personification mode. For example, when a multi-person photo is taken, the front 105° super wide angle can help the user to easily take a photo without regret. The front-end autofocus uses the depth of field algorithm to capture the ideal front/rear blur effect, and even select the focus point at will, making the selfie close and clear. The front portrait super night view 2.0 feature makes night shots more natural.

  It can be seen that nova’s upcoming new machine upgrades the self-timer, unlocking not only self-timer gameplay, but also nova’s deep insight into contemporary young people.

The official first exposure of 5G logo Huawei nova6 to launch 5G new machine?

“nova” LOGO as the identity of nova star and the identification of group identity, its anthropomorphic design in the animation, fully demonstrates the new breakthrough of the new machine nova6 self-timer, combined with the words “nova6 5G” at the end of the three animations, let Young people have a delusion about the combination of self-timer +5G, and what kind of spark will the collision between them be? let us wait and see.

  As the quality of nova series phones is continuously recognized and become the trend of young fashion, nova’s attention is getting higher and higher, and the product strength is getting stronger and stronger. 5G has become a new trend in young fashion trends. It is foreseeable that this upcoming nova series will be the first 5G new product to establish a deep emotional connection with more new generations of young people, injecting more vitality into the Huawei nova brand. Rich personality attitude.


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