See you next year! Sony’s next generation flagship will be named Xperia 1.1

See you next year! Sony's next generation flagship will be named Xperia 1.1

  On November 18th, the next generation Sony Xperia flagship will be unveiled at MWC2020.

  One of the biggest suspense of the aircraft is the naming. It is reported that Sony’s next-generation Xperia flagship may adopt Nokia’s naming method, adding “.1” after the number.

  According to this logic, the next generation flagship will be named Xperia 1.1.

  The report pointed out that the Sony Xperia naming method is different from other models. The smaller the number in the Xperia flagship naming, the higher the mobile phone positioning, so the next-generation flagship is named Xperia 2.

  In terms of specifications, the 2020 Xperia flagship with the Qualcomm Xiaolong 865 mobile platform has almost no suspense, and is expected to support 5G networks.

  In addition, it is rumored that the next generation Xperia flagship will cancel the 4K display to reduce the high energy consumption brought by the 5G network, but the accuracy of the message has not been confirmed yet.


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