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How to 3d drawing: The Ultimate Guide for you

Well, almost everone do know about 3d drawing, if not no worries Just go through the What is 3d drawing? section or else you can skip it.

What is 3d drawing?

Drawing in 3D simply means representing something that has volume or space. This can be as simple as adding thickness to block letters or as complex as trying to represent an urban landscape or a human body in space. A drawing is a 2D model of 3D space if you wish. The most common two-dimensional model of three-dimensional space is where the edges of the page are parallel to two of the three dimensions and the third dimension is represented by overlap, size reduction and other techniques called perspective.

This is one of my most beloved areas of study with drawing. I love that we perceive volume and depth, but the information we gather is projected on a plane of cells in our eyes! This means that our brain is interpreting what we see and making sense of the data it obtains from our limited visual hardware. Our eyes are pretty cool, but what our brain does with the faulty entry is really amazing.

Perhaps the most advanced 3D drawing would be stereoscopic. I played with the idea of ​​drawing pictures, one for each eye, but I haven’t finished anything yet. Viewmaster viewers could be a great platform for these. The viewfinders are limited in their angular coverage, they are a bright spot in a mostly dark field. Now there are viewmaster viewers for cell phones.

Now that we have virtual reality glasses that really work, there are projects that allow artists to draw in a 3D virtual space. Tiltbrush with Occulus Rift is getting a lot of press, but I guess in the future it will be like this:

Large phone in Cheappo virtual reality glasses set up connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to another phone or Wii remote control (probably not) or some other positioning sensor. Drawing in VR 3 space below $ 100.


For us, mere mortals, we can use clara io (online 3D modeling, 3D rendering, free 3D models) or sculptGL (a WebGL sculpture application) Sculptgl is to represent volumes as sculpture, while can be used to represent a Full space, such as a room or city or mountain. This is not technically a 3D drawing, but it could be of great help to represent volumes or spaces.

I could go on but I have another job to do. The space can be as exciting as color and animation or any other aspect of visual work. It never ends! So lets go into How to 3d drawing?

How to Draw in Perspective?

Perspective is the technique that allows you to draw an object in space in three dimensions. The drawer takes into account the depth of the scene and reproduces the object as it is perceived from its own point of view.

The cavalier perspective is to give a volume to an object by adding a structure of parallel lines. This is a type of drawing that we predominantly find in geometry to represent a cube, for example.

Linear perspective is often used in drawing. To create a good linear perspective, we generally focus on these two elements:

  1. A horizon line
  2. One or more vanishing points.

From these elements, when drawing lines we can create a grid that will function as visual guides to draw the various parts of our scene.

There are many different types of linear perspectives, which helps the drawer create depth and volume in its work:

Front perspective: the eye is looking at the scene in front. The drawing is based on the horizon line at eye level, and all the lines are in a single vanishing point.

Oblique perspective: we see this in two directions. The composition has two vanishing points. This type of perspective uses two vanishing points, which allows you to draw cubes and other geometric shapes taking into account their real shape and depth.

Aerial perspective: here we take into account all the dimensions of the object working on its representation with three vanishing points. This is the most realistic perspective, mainly used in architecture to represent furniture, for example.

Mastering perspective drawing is necessary to create a realistic drawing and give it volume, such as drawing a hand, for example. Drawing in 3D is not about improvisation. You really need to use your eyes and assimilate the proportions of your object as faithfully as possible. Representing characters or objects by properly observing the effects of depth is crucial for a large 3D drawing.

Some artists also use another type of perspective: the atmospheric perspective.

It could be compared with a camera and its focus. This perspective is based on impressions. This means that everything in the foreground is drawn clearly and precisely, but the more you look in depth, the more details are not clear. Some artists also play with colors and gradients to create this depth effect: the cooler the colors, the less precise the details of the scene.

This is a technique developed and used by Flemish painters of the fifteenth century, but it is also seen in the work of Leonardo da Vinci, especially in the Mona Lisa.

How to Create an Optical Illusion Effect in a Drawing?

Those who master the art of perspective drawing achieve an even more impressive result in their work. The objects seem to literally jump off the page and come alive.

When a drawing is successful, it gives the impression of coming to life and really acquires three dimensions. It’s a great start to design a flashy company logo too!

This impression is an optical illusion, which can only be seen from a specific angle. When you look at an anamorphic drawing, you must look at it in a certain way to see the result in 3D. From any other angle, you will only see a distorted image.

How to I Create a Picture that Jumps off the Page?

You need to learn the right technique. Not only is it necessary to know how to distort an image correctly, but for the result to be really realistic, you must also master the basic drawing techniques. There are enough steps to get from the first sketch to the finished piece. You will know how to draw every detail of your theme, and also how to paint or color your drawing to have an effect.

To create an anamorphic drawing, you must distort the image you want to represent on paper. The main techniques that will help you draw an anamorphic image are:

  • Use a camera to capture your object in a photo, which you can print or display to draw it accurately
  • Use software to distort the object you want to represent so you can easily draw it
  • Use a grid system to draw the object in its correct proportions
  • Cut out part of the outline of the drawing to reinforce 3D printing
  • Use several sheets or fold one sheet to achieve the desired volume effect

Many artists have been able to master the art of anamorphic drawing, such as Leon Keer and Kurt Wenner. Sometimes you can even find 3D art on the floor or on walls in public spaces. Many street artists produce amazing realistic pieces.

Between the holes in the middle of the pavement and the sharks that protrude from the road, there are many performances by artists such as Edgar Mueller and Julian Beever, for example, that are really impressive.

You could even use this technique to design your own tattoo!

Design Software to Help with 3D Drawing:

There are many different types of 3D software. Used for all kinds of purposes, they allow you to create synthesized three-dimensional images.

From 3D architecture to 3D modeling and 3D animation, the design industry has so many options to create things in three dimensions: today, 3D is everywhere. It is even surpassed by augmented reality and 4D cinema. With 3D modeling software, creatives can now even use 3D printers to make their designs.

As an amateur designer, you can easily find some free design software to use. The software is generally quite intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to familiarize yourself and experiment with three-dimensional vision.

It all depends on your needs. You can use the 3D design software online or opt for one that you download on your computer. Here are some examples of 3D software that you could use:

  • Photoshop: an essential absolute for all graphic designers, offers endless design possibilities, much like Adobe Illustrator.
  • Krita and Artweaver: these are also excellent design programs that have their own advantages.
  • Google Sketchup: perfect for 3D modeling, this software was initially created for architecture and interior decoration.
  • Blender: This 3D modeling and animation software is one of the main benchmarks for experts.
  • Autocad: this is one of the most used platforms to create 2D and 3D designs.
  • Manga Studio EX: perfect for creating 2D and 3D cartoons or manga art.

3D Drawing: The Best Apps!

Learn to draw in 3D, to progress at your own pace
This application is accessible to young people, from 8 years. It is a clear application to help you learn to draw in 3D and easily create optical illusions.

The application is quite well made and easy to use. You can choose a 3D drawing model and then discover all the different steps to reproduce the image yourself. A simple but effective application to understand the essential steps of 3D drawing at your own pace.

How to draw 3D and Illusion, videos dedicated to 3D drawing
This application is also really great at the pedagogical level, and it teaches you to draw in 3D with its tutorial videos. The application actually brings together all the best YouTube tutorials on the subject, so you get the best drawing lessons for possible children. It is especially useful when you can’t find good tutors online and you want drawing lessons for beginners.

The application is updated every week so you can discover a lot of new videos and techniques at the click of a button!

Tilt Brush, 3D virtual reality drawing
Drawing in 3D became even more exciting thanks to Tilt Brush, an application that allows you to feel pain in the 3D space with virtual reality. Although it is not an application strictly to learn 3D drawing techniques on paper, it is still a great tool to discover different and creative ways of working in 3D!

With a virtual reality headset, you can let your imagination run wild and create 3D art in a virtual world.

Leopoly, to create 3D characters.
Available in tablets and also on your PC, Leopoly is an application that allows you to create 3D characters and modify them exactly according to your specifications thanks to the numerous tools at your disposal.

This is an application that all animation and comic fans will appreciate, helping you design and bring your own characters to life!

So this is all about “How to 3d drawing: The Ultimate Guide for you” hope you guys liked this post please do follow us and share your thoughts in comment section which is below.

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