Whatsapp Plus: Download Baixar actualizar Whatsapp Plus for free

What Is WhatsApp Plus?

Well, nowadays there a lot of queries and speculations regarding Whatsapp Plus so I am here to give a full stop for almost all those queries and speculations. Whatsapp plus is a modified application for better and awesome features compared to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus is developed by Ralfanse whereas it is later modified by Omar. A lot of might also Sed you about GB WHATSAPP if never heard something like GB WHATSAPP then simply go through this LINK.

Whatsapp Plus Features:

WhatsApp plus have the many privacy features, sharing features including the group calling feature which isn’t available on our general WhatsApp.

Such as the ability to download your friend status, Increasing in a number of words containing capability in status, and the possibility to hide notifications, possibility to send larger videos and Audio files, to send files and you can set a password for chats and whole app.

Whatsapp Plus Privacy Features:

Whatsapp Plus: Download Baixar actualizar Whatsapp Plus for free Privacy features

Hide Online Status: You can hide the online status and chat freely, And show to everyone offline (not connected).
Hide Recording Status: You can hide recording Status for contacts and group When you recording voice.
Hide Typing Status: You can hide writing for contacts and group When you typing a message.
Hide Blue Microphone: You can hide Blue Microphone for contacts and group When you open voice.
Hide View Status: You can hide view status for contacts (Your name will not appear if you have seen friends status).
Anti-Revoke: With this amazing option! you can read deleted messages, And prevent your friends from deleting messages after sending it to you.
Hide Second Tick: You can hide second ticks ✔ for contacts and group When you delivered any messages.
Hide Blue Ticks: You can hide blue ticks ✔✔ for contacts and group, When you read any received messages.

Whatsapp Sharing and theme features:

Download Status: You can save your friend what status without any external app. I think nowadays this is the most used feature.
Audio: Can be uploaded up to 100MB files which are a very good feature compared to normal WhatsApp.
Location: You can share your live location (Real-time location).
Files & Documents: You can share any files type you want, Such as (PDF, TXT, Docs…) up to 50MB in size.
Camera: You can send pictures and video recording with high quality.
Contacts: can select multiple contacts at once to share.
This amazing WhatsApp Plus lets you choose a theme among 1000+ themes that are available in themes store in Plus-Settings, similarly, there are a lot of advantages such as to change (fonts – colors – icons) to build your own theme and to backup theme to share with friends a developer to add in theme store.

Summary for all Actualizar WhatsApp plus features:

  • This is an Anti-Ban Version
  • A lot of Bugs were debugged.
  • Increased forward Limit for Indian Users.
  • Inbuilt status download ability.
  • Can Pin a message at the top of the group.
  • Can set an Automatic reply for a new user.
  • Other people can’t delete messages that are sent to you.
  • Upload limit of Media is increased.
  • Themes and fonts can be changed easily.
  • Can write long messages in status.

Permissions that are required to use Whatsapp Plus:

Whatsapp Plus: Download Baixar actualizar Whatsapp Plus for free Permissions

Map services
External Storage
Text message
Record and modify audio
read contacts and get accounts
Device location
Internet access
Kill background tasks
Access camera, wifi, Bluetooth

Download Baixar Whatsapp Plus {Both Download links which are below are for the same APP} :

DOWNLOAD Whatsapp Plus

Download Baixar Whatsapp PLUS

*The first App is completely belongs to the

*The 2nd App is completely belongs to the


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