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The SOUNDBOKS 2 – The loudest Bluetooth Speaker

Well, have you ever thought to have the loudest Bluetooth speaker? if your answer is yes, then here we go we are here to present a new SOUNDBOKS 2. Which is the most famous and Awesome loudest Bluetooth speaker from my side.

SOUNDBOKS2- The loudest Bluetooth Speaker Features:

  • Volume up to 122 Decibels (Unit to measure Sound) to be more clear a Military jet aircraft take-off from an aircraft carrier with afterburner at 50 ft makes (130 dB). 130
  • Battery type and runtime: Military Grade – LiFePO4 12.8 V 7.8 Ah 99.84 Wh (BATTERYBOKS 2 INCLUDED). 8 hours of tunes turned right up to 11 and an average battery life of 40 hours at a pedestrian volume level
  • Charging time requires 4 complete Hours.
  • weight is around 33lbs
  • Material: Extruded Solid Aluminum Corners, Brushed Aluminum Frame, Baltic Birch Plywood.

Why to choose SOUNDBOKS2 ?

  • Seriously this is the most promising and awesome loudest Bluetooth speaker around price range 78,694 rupees.
  • Quality of SoundBoks 2 is simply awesome I think at this price range no other speaker can beat it.

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