your WhatsApp is more secure with the new FingerPrint Authentication

your WhatsApp is more secure with the new FingerPrint Authentication: 

Fear of Privacy? Then here we go this news is for you, Whatsapp is going to roll out with a New Feature which allows its users to have their Fingerprint Authentication to lock their WhatsApp.Note:I know Notes are quite boring but this isn’t, Fingerprint lock is available for the whole WhatsApp and not for individual chats“.

Well last year,  WhatsApp officially announced that they work to develop the Face ID and Touch ID Security systems on IOS. A lot of people frequently started questioning Facebook-owned company for the same features on Android too.

Since a lot of Whatsapp users were using third-party Apps to secure their Chats, these Apps were simply making our phones to slow down and there are several reports on third-party WhatsApp securing Apps as malware. Maybe this convinced the Whatsapp Authority to get the New Security Update of Fingerprint Authentication.

A report given by WABetainfo has confirmed that they spotted a New fingerprint Authentication Update in Beta version of Whatsapp. This update also allows users to use conventional locking systems such as the PIN.

Well, whatever it may be WhatsApp is going to roll out with fingerprint and Face ID authentication in IOS and later followed by the Android users.

So this is all about today’s story on WhatsApp “your WhatsApp is more secure with the new FingerPrint Authentication” Hope, you guys like this post please do follow us and share your thoughts and suggestions through the comment box which is below. For me, Privacy is Everything, So this feature is the Best for me.

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