WhatsApp Scheduler: Schedule your WhatsApp message in few simple clicks

WhatsApp Scheduler: Schedule your WhatsApp message in few simple clicks:

Nowadays even a 3-year-old kid knows all about the WhatsApp, the only reason behind this is the relation, Humans developed with the Technology especially with social media.
Almost everyone in this world knows about Whatsapp which is the most Popular Social media in recent times, WhatsApp keep on updating with new features.
In Recent times WhatsApp rolled out with the new features such as Deleting messages permanently on both users ends, watching youtube videos without redirecting to youtube App and much more like that, as per the reports WhatsApp to Soon Get Fingerprint Authentication on Android.
Even, After providing several updates Users still need more from it Such as WhatsApp scheduler, It means when your friend is celebrating her 21st Birthday lol whatever it may be, maybe it’s her 21st or 22nd birthday wishing at 12:00 Am is minimum expectation from her side.
At this time starring at the phone with a Happy birthday message and 2 Emojis is quite boring then the only option we have is WhatsApp scheduler, till now WhatsApp hasn’t officially declared about it. But in the play store, we have several Apps which will do the same work for us.
Apps like WhatsApp Scheduler, Do It Later, SKEDit, etc enable users to schedule not only text messages but also photos and videos. All these apps are very easy to use and the best part is they don’t require the root access which is a  quite happy thing for us. All these apps are free but to schedule videos and photos you might need the premium versions.
So here we go all about Whatsapp scheduler:

  •  Download WhatsApp scheduler app Such as SKEDit.
  • Grant all the permissions which it requires for smooth usability.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Skedit app
  2. Tap on the ‘+’ Plus icon from the bottom right of your screen.
  3. Now, simply select a WhatsApp contact or any WhatsApp group on your phone.
  4. And now simply set the time and date.
  5. Choose the Your desired frequency and type your message.
  6. Click on ‘Create’ button from the top-right corner to schedule the WhatsApp message.
  7. We can schedule multiple messages but keep in mind that the time should be different.

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