Fuchsia: Fuchsiandroid presenting you the exclusive timeline of fuchsia

Fuchsia :Possibilities of Fuchsia to replace Android "Media Speculations"

Fuchsia: Possibilities of Fuchsia to replace Android “Media Speculations”

Key Points of Fuchsia from its history which started on August 2016:

In 2017, Google IO confirmed that they are creating a new OS as the successor of Android.

In January 2018, Ars Technica published a guide on how to run a Fuchsia Os on pixelbooks with the help of GOOGLE.

In January 2019 we observed the media speculations on this operating system as it supports the Android Apps.

All About Fuchsia:

Fuchsia :Possibilities of Fuchsia to replace Android Media Speculations
  • It is a capability-based operating system and currently being developed by Google.
  • There is no official announcement on Fuchsia Os from Google.
  • It is based on zircon which is a Microkernel, whereas Android and Chrome OS are based on the Linux kernel.
  • It is a platform-independent OS it means it can be run on Tablets, smartphones watches, in fact, this OS is more likely to be used for Internet of Things(IoT).
  • Recent news has reported about an App that shows the interface of Fuchsia DOWNLOAD.
  • Extension of Fuchsia apps is .FAR whereas Android extension is .APK

Our point of view on Fuchsia replacing Android:

  1. Google had the lack of control on its Android OS during the time of OS updates because mi modifies Android as MIUI, vivo modifiesAndroid as fun touch os, one plus Android modifies as Oxygen OS. Maybe the microkernel OS Could help Google from it.
  2. Recently on HONOR PLAY OS code, we observed Fuchsia’s microkernel code. Which is a Good sign of its Evolution?
  3. It supports x86 and ARL where Android could not support the X86.
  4. Giving the Conclusion to this point Google’s microkernel OS can beat Android after the world is more familiar with the Internet of Things.
  5. Main Reason for the development of Android is for Digital Cameras.

Closing Thoughts:

So, to recap, here is what we know:

  • It supports multiple platforms and It is a more advanced OS compared to Android.
  • At present, it very hard to beat the Android OS but in future after IOT things becoming more familiar scenario might change and leads to the popularity of Fuchsia.
  • It’s an extension for its APP is  .far

Google opens a website for Fuchsia OS development by xda-developers

Google just took a strange step towards replacing Android with something better by BGR

Google’s Fuchsia OS sneak-peek! by the geek herald


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